Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Cards Revisited

On my last post I embedded my cards that I was able to make from the blogger offer Shutterfly did before Christmas.  I had some issues trying to post it (couldn't really get any of my own text on there) and then when you actually click on the link I thought it would take you to the card so you can see how cute they turned out but it just takes you to Shutterfly's website.  :(

I am going to be completely transparent here and let you know that I posted that link to qualify for a $25 gift certificate to their site.  But I must say that I really did LOVE my Christmas cards that I made and I wish you could see the inside!  I was able to stick even more pictures in there, along with a quick update on our family over the past year.  I would definitely recommend getting your Christmas cards from them (although they are a bit pricier than the regular flat photo cards that most people send but definitely worth the up charge if you have the budget for it!).

Since I only got 50 cards from the Shutterfly blogger offer and since the hubby and I both have bigger families, we used up all those cards really quickly!  So in order to send out some more cards to friends I ended up making a 4x6 photo card with pictures of Little L.

Here it is:

(Don't mind the blur in the bottom...I just took out our names...I'm not overly paranoid but I figured it's better safe right?)

And I'm sorry if you are reading this thinking..."hey, I didn't get either of those cards...don't they like me?...why didn't I make the cut?"  Here is my answer...our budget is still a bit tight and even if the cards themselves are pretty inexpensive (I was able to get 24 of the card above for $2.50 shipped!) its the almost $0.50 a card stamp that starts to add up really quickly!  :)  So I apologize if you didn't make the list (I did try to send one to everyone that sent us a card)...I wish I could send out even more (and hopefully next year I'll be able too!)