Saturday, May 29, 2010

Weekly Update - First Words!

So I think we can officially announce Little L's first words!  For a while now she has been saying "ma-ma" and "da-da" and then for the last few weeks at least she has been saying "nye-nye" for night-night!  Super cute!  But then she really wasn't saying much else until just a few days ago when she said baby!  Of course it sounds a little more like "bay-bay" but you can totally tell what she means!

Confession time: Little L has been a bit on the later end of the normal development for talking and even though she has been on schedule or early on all other developmental things I was still wondering when she was going to start talking.  Especially every time I would hear other people talking about their little ones that are younger than Little L and all of the words they were saying.  I would love to say that I am great at casting my cares and not worrying and most of the time I do a pretty good job with it.  But this time around there was just little nagging thoughts that wouldn't leave.

I will not say that worrying is part of being a mom because I don't believe that.  I truly believe that we can cast all of our cares on the Lord and that He will watch over our little ones more closely than we ever could.  Worrying doesn't add a thing to our life!  But I do know that a mother's love runs very deep and we want the absolute best for our babes!  So instead of sitting and worrying about all the things that could go wrong I choose to focus on how much Jesus loves my Little L and how He can take even better care of her than I ever could!  It takes so much pressure off!  Thank you God!

So back to the update!  Tomorrow we are going to the in-laws for some Memorial Day Weekend grilling!  Should be lots of fun, especially with the beautiful weather that is forecasted!  (There is a slight chance of thunderstorms but I actually think that can be beautiful weather too!)

Oh, and I got my hair cut short yesterday....super short!  I'll have to post pictures soon!

May you all have a fabulous Memorial Day Weekend while we remember those that gave their lives for our freedom and those families that are still sacrificing for us today!
So this isn't a great shot since she wouldn't look at the camera (of course!) but it's pretty recent!


Julia said...

Aw, I love when they start talking! I had two late talkers, but now neither one of them shut up LOL