Monday, May 31, 2010

Last day to enter these giveaways!

Cars, Trucks and Teething Rings is giving away a Scentsy Warmer and two scent bricks!  Enter Here:

Take It From Me is giving a way 2 beautiful frames!  Enter Here:

Here are some that you have a few days left on!
Fitteds and pockets and snappis, oh my!  is giving away a Planet Wise Wet bag, a BabyKicks pocket diaper and some Happy Baby Food

Cars, Trucks and Teething Rings is also giving away a pair of Uneaks shoes with 2 sets of socks and a Dr. Bloom Jewelry Combo pack

The Bragging Mommy is giving away $60 to Mikarose Women's Clothing Company, some Lovin Scoopful Ice Cream, a BumEssentials Cloth Diaper, a KQC X-Heat Ceramic Flat Iron, and a Fun IQ Toy!

Little YaYa's is giving away what I REALLY want to win which is an ERGObaby carrier!  She is also giving away $40 to Frecklebox!

Mommy's Memorandum is giving away $15 to Princess Couture Designs

Take It From Me is also giving away a beautiful hand stamped necklace (Don't enter this one unless you want to give it to me!)  :)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Weekly Update - First Words!

So I think we can officially announce Little L's first words!  For a while now she has been saying "ma-ma" and "da-da" and then for the last few weeks at least she has been saying "nye-nye" for night-night!  Super cute!  But then she really wasn't saying much else until just a few days ago when she said baby!  Of course it sounds a little more like "bay-bay" but you can totally tell what she means!

Confession time: Little L has been a bit on the later end of the normal development for talking and even though she has been on schedule or early on all other developmental things I was still wondering when she was going to start talking.  Especially every time I would hear other people talking about their little ones that are younger than Little L and all of the words they were saying.  I would love to say that I am great at casting my cares and not worrying and most of the time I do a pretty good job with it.  But this time around there was just little nagging thoughts that wouldn't leave.

I will not say that worrying is part of being a mom because I don't believe that.  I truly believe that we can cast all of our cares on the Lord and that He will watch over our little ones more closely than we ever could.  Worrying doesn't add a thing to our life!  But I do know that a mother's love runs very deep and we want the absolute best for our babes!  So instead of sitting and worrying about all the things that could go wrong I choose to focus on how much Jesus loves my Little L and how He can take even better care of her than I ever could!  It takes so much pressure off!  Thank you God!

So back to the update!  Tomorrow we are going to the in-laws for some Memorial Day Weekend grilling!  Should be lots of fun, especially with the beautiful weather that is forecasted!  (There is a slight chance of thunderstorms but I actually think that can be beautiful weather too!)

Oh, and I got my hair cut short yesterday....super short!  I'll have to post pictures soon!

May you all have a fabulous Memorial Day Weekend while we remember those that gave their lives for our freedom and those families that are still sacrificing for us today!
So this isn't a great shot since she wouldn't look at the camera (of course!) but it's pretty recent!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Welcome Wednesday - Welcome Summer!

I thought I would join in on Welcome Wednesday that is hosted by one of my favorite review and giveaway blogs, Take it From Me!

So to all of you who might have found me from that...Welcome!

We have had some HOT days this week so we finally got to use our new water table!  So here are some pictures of how Little L, along with some friends, decided to welcome summer!


Monday, May 24, 2010

Little L's 15 month photos by Creative Connections Photography

At the beginning of the month I had the privilege of getting Little L's 15 month pictures taken by Christy at Creative Connections Photography!  It was great because I was able to get a super special facebook deal with her where it was a 30 min sitting and 5 digital images on a cd for free!  Seriously such an amazing blessing!  We first had Little L's pictures taken with Christy back in November when she was 9 months old (Little L, not the photographer!).  Those pictures turned out fabulous so I was really excited to see what kind of shots we would get with the spring colors and Little L being so much more mobile!

Thankfully it had been warm really early so there was LOTS of green!  And Little L was definitely mobile!  She was acting like the little toddler she is and she wanted to do what she wanted to do.  No questions asked!  You can see how serious she is when we are in a new setting but thankfully we got some great smiles in as well!

My absolute favorite is picture #7 where she is on the bridge with the petticoat!  Really though, I love them all and so it was, of course, hard to choose which 5 to get for our CD.  Since we aren't very good at narrowing them down and the grandparents couldn't bear to part with some of the shots, Christy gave us a great deal on one of her packages so we ended up getting 11 of the digital copies, the grandparents got some prints and I got a proof book with every picture in it.

One of the things I love the most about Christy is the special touches she puts on the product she sells.  First off, she hand delivered the cd and proof book to our house!  (Well, actually her little helper, her daughter, handed them to me!)  Everything was in a simple brown paper bag with a Creative Connections Photography sticker.  There was a personal note on the box containing the cd and proof book thanking me and letting me know she had included 8 free wallets!  What a nice surprise!  There was even a pretty green ribbon tied around the wallets to keep them together.  Such a nice touch!  

I think what I love the most though would have to be the cd holder.  It is a tri-fold that holds the cd in the center and there are some beautiful shots and information about Creative Connections and the best part is that the usage license is on one flap!  That way I don't have to worry about where I stuck my copy of it!  (I was going to include some shots of the packaging and such but I'm not a photographer, hence the reason I rave about Christy, and I figured I wouldn't want to take away from her great shots! You can believe me that everything arrives like a cute little present from a boutique!)

I know there are a LOT of great photographers in this world (and I know some of you personally!) but if you are in the Twin Cities area and are looking for a fabulous family photographer than be sure to check out Creative Connections Photography!  (and tell Christy I sent you!)  :)

Now on to the pictures!  Feel free to talk about how cute my baby is!  (Oh, and I know...she needs a haircut...believe me it will happen soon!)

The Name

At church this last Saturday night I was deeply touched by the songs we sang.  Two of them focused on the Name that is above every name; the name of Jesus!  I could go on and on about the power of His name but I will let the words we sang speak for themselves!

No Sweeter Name
by Kari Jobe

No sweeter name than the Name of Jesus, no sweeter name have I ever known
No sweeter name than the Name of Jesus
No sweeter name than the Name of Jesus, no sweeter name have I ever known
No sweeter name than the Name of Jesus

You are the life to my heart and my soul
You are the light to the darkness around me
You are the hope to the hopeless and broken
You are the only truth and the way

Your Name
by New Life Worship 

As morning dawns and evening fades
You inspire songs of praise
That rise from earth to touch Your heart and glorify Your name

Your name is a strong and mighty tower
Your name is a shelter like no other
Your name, let the nations sing it louder
'Cause nothing has the power to save
But Your name

Jesus, in Your name we pray
Come and fill our hearts today
And give us strength to live for You and glorify Your name

Your name is a strong and mighty tower
Your name is a shelter like no other
Your name, let the nations sing it louder
'Cause nothing has the power to save
But your name

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus

Sunday, May 23, 2010

What I think about...Read and Share DVD Bible: The Jesus Series, Life and Miracles

I love having DVDs for Little L to watch when mommy "just needs a minute"!  When I am picking something for her to watch, though,  I prefer that it have content that will feed her spirit.  Right now she is just like a little sponge soaking up everything she watches so I am really mindful of what I put on for her.  That is why I jumped at the chance to review the Read and Share DVD Bible: The Jesus Series, Life and Miracles!  I was already familiar with the Read and Share Bible series of books so I knew that this DVD would be full of the Word of God in a way that Little L could understand and enjoy!

This video focuses on the ministry of Jesus from the calling of his disciples to the Last Supper.  And unlike the 3-minute, bite-size story format of the Read and Share DVD Bible Volumes 1-4, this DVD is an uninterrupted half hour presentation.  However, each individual message or story (i.e. Jesus feeding the 5,000 or Jesus walking on water) is only a few minutes long and easy for a little one to follow.  I would say that little ones as young as 12 months all the way up to 5 year olds can enjoy watching this DVD.

While Little L is only 16 months old she still sat and watched the 30 min show almost in it's entirety!  She seemed to like the animation and was often pointing at the screen to show me things!  I enjoyed the animation as well and the way the passages of the Bible came to life.  I even learned something new!  I remember Jesus healing quite a few people but for some reason didn't realize that he had healed Simon Peter's mother in law.  Most importantly the rendering of each Bible passage is true to the actual verses while being simplified for a little one to understand.  This is definitely a DVD that will be in rotation at our home!

Title: Read and Share Bible: The Jesus Series, Life and Miracles
Categories: Children's, Christian, Animated
Format: DVD
For: Children (1-5 years old)
Summary: 30 min long presentation of Jesus' ministry including Jesus calling His disciples, feeding 5,000 people, healing the sick, teaching about God's kingdom and introducing the Lord's Supper.
Publisher: Thomas Nelson

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from Thomas Nelson Publishers as part of their  book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Weekly Update - Fun News

Wow did this week fly by!  We have been keeping our days full as usual!

First things first, a Little L update!  She is sleeping through the night again!  I think I mentioned that in the last post and she has gotten even better since!  Some may not think that is worth mentioning twice but trust me, the sleep the hubby and I are getting now (and weren't getting then) make it worth a second mention!

Little L is loving the warm weather we have been having since that means she gets to play outside!  She loves looking at the "flowers" (otherwise known as weeds) and picking them to put in her hair!  Mostly though she just loves to run around the backyard with some treasure in her hand (which is usually a piece of bark or a small rock)!  Ahhh, I love how easily amused she is!  :)

The hubby has been hard at work with Krav Maga training at least 3 times a week.  He got his first "battle wound" Thursday night when some guy poked him in the eye!  Although it is still a little red he says it doesn't hurt any more and we just praise God that it wasn't anything worse!

I had a pretty fabulous week at work which is always nice!  I was able to take a self defense course entitled "Not Me" I am so blessed that I work somewhere that truly cares about my safety and was willing to offer the class.  I definitely left feeling more empowered and with a sense that I could defend myself if necessary.  The one thing that hit me the strongest during the course was the fact that I will always have the Holy Spirit with me to protect me, guide me, and help me remember what to do if I am ever faced with a difficult situation!  That reminder is what gives me the most peace of all!

Then on Thursday we had our division's end of the year party (our fiscal year runs June to May) which is an annual boat cruise down the Mississippi River.  It was a BEAUTIFUL day for the boat trip!  Plus I was able to hang out with two of my favorite girls and we got to go home early!  Doesn't get much better than that!

Now for the fun news that I mentioned in the title of this post...In the next few weeks I will be posting my first few official review posts and....drumroll first GIVEAWAY!  WooHoo!

So when I started this blog a year ago I had no idea what I was going to do with it and ended up doing nothing!  Then when I started up again I really just wanted to try and win some giveaways but after I made my blog pretty I was hooked!  As I started entering all of these blog giveaways I thought, I can do that!  I can review something, share my opinion and give stuff away!  I started to look into some things and I have come across a few different opportunities for reviews and giveaways.  I have NO clue what will happen in the future but I do KNOW I will have FUN!  So stick around and see what comes our way!

Have an Abundantly Blessed Week!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Weekly Update - Sleeping Beauty

Yup, I am calling things that be not as though they are!  Actually, Little L has been sleeping really well these last few nights!  We had some rough times there where she just was not wanting to sleep even though nothing was wrong!  I am sure it was just some sort of developmental stage, you know, where they realize you aren't in there with them when they think you should be.  Thankfully we seem to have moved out of this bought of sleepless nights!  WooHoo!

She is sleeping soundly as I write this with her Glow Worm and Giggle Monkey.  I gave her Glow Worm the other night in desperation, hoping that the light and music would calm didn't, well at least not that night.  But now she has started taking Glow Worm and Giggle Monkey to bed with her all the time.  Giggle Monkey has a little noise maker in his foot that laughs like a little baby (sooo cute!) and then Glow Worm plays music so every once in awhile you can here those sounds coming from her room (even when she should be sleeping).  But my theory is that as long as she isn't crying I am a happy Momma!  :)

The other reason I went with the Sleeping Beauty title is because Little L just LOVES her princess hooded bath towel right now!  Yesterday she was wearing it all over and playing in it!  Too cute!  It's pretty big but she doesn't seem to mind.  Here are a few pictures of her with it on:

I am sure you can tell from the pictures what Mamma got for mother's day from her mamma!  That's right! Photoshop Elements 8!  I have been seeing all of these fabulous pictures on other mamma's blogs and I wanted to be able to do some of that too.  Before I just used iphoto for everything which really only gets you so far.  When I saw the price tag on Photoshop I went into sticker shock...Do you know how much groceries I could get with that kinda green on double coupons day at Rainbow!  (Yup, that's how I think!)  So I was super excited when I saw that Amazon's deal of the day a few days back was Photoshop Elements 8 for $55 and there was a $20 rebate making it only $35!  (I can still get a lot of groceries at Rainbow for that but this was SUCH a great deal!)  Since I am not planning on becoming a professional photographer (there are quite a few out there if you haven't already noticed!) I figured Elements would be the perfect place for me to start!  Once I get some stuff figured out I will probably want to upgrade my point and shoot but until then I will just try to muddle through with what I've got!  As you can see from those photos I have a long ways to go to get stuff figured out!

As far as the rest of my week went, I have to say it was pretty darn good!  I got to make yogurt at work, have girls night with my girl MW, and then another play date with her and the babes at her new home!  (LOVE that they are only 15 min away now!)

The hubby has been keeping busy with his night out on the town to see Demon Hunter and War of Ages.  (See my Things I Love post to see how that went!)  And he has been training extremely hard with Krav Maga (one of his new passions).  God has some super amazing things in store for him and I can't wait to see His plan unfold!

Looking forward to abundant blessings coming our way this week and I hope you are too!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

What I think about...ISpy bags from Baby Love Blankies

Just recently I was blessed to win an itsy bitsy ispy bag made by Baby Love Blankies from Take it From Me's giveaway.  It was the first blog giveaway I won and I was SO excited!

When it came in the mail I couldn't wait to open the package and let Little L play with it! She was definitely intrigued  and I think she really liked the way all of the beads felt inside.  She is still too young to really search for something in particular but she still has a good time just looking in the window and moving the stuff around.

The hubby and I on the other had were hooked!  We both had to find everything on the list and we wouldn't stop until we did!  I know that this will definitely be a go to diaper bag toy for years to come!

The ispy bag we got had a super cute pattern of jungle animals.  (I choose that pattern since I figured it would be a good gender neutral option since we are hoping Baby #2 will be a boy...and NO I am not pregnant but I do like to plan ahead!)  It came nicely wrapped in tissue paper with a business card and a code for 10% off my next purchase.  The ispy bag itself has really great stitching and it looks like it will hold up for years to come.  I am always impressed by what some people can do at home since I am not overly crafty myself!

I would most definitely think about purchasing one of these for a birthday gift for a toddler.  It is fun to play with, nicely made, and a great size for throwing in the diaper bag or purse!

Thanks again Baby Loves Blankies and Take it From Me!

Here's one more picture of Little L having fun with the ispy bag!

Giveaways Galore!

So as many of you know I am totally hooked on blog giveaways!  They are so much fun!  (Especially when you win and I've won some great stuff so far!)  So once again, in order to get more entries into these giveaways I am sharing them with you.  Feel free to enter them too!  Like I always say...if I don't win at least I want it to be someone that I know (maybe you!)

The Bragging Mommy is a great site for reviews and giveaways!  Here's what they have going on right now:
Uneaks Customizable Footwear Review and Giveaway: Super cute shoes for your little ones!  Uneaks site

Best Baby Organics is an online store for all of your baby needs and they have giveaways through their blog!  Here is what they have right now:
ERGObaby carrier: I SO want to win an ERGO so you really don't have to enter this one unless you want to try win it for me!  ;)
$150 to Best Baby Organics: I figure if I don't win the ERGO giveaway then I can win this and buy one!  :)

MN Mama's Must Haves is another great blog for giveaways!  Here's what she is giving away now:
Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner:  This looks like a super vacuum cleaner and since ours isn't the greatest I would love to win it!
Guidecraft Noah's Ark Toybox:  If you have lots of toys you should check this one out!  It is beautiful!
Little Tikes Cozy Coupe:  How cute and classic are these!  
Aden & Anais Issie Blankie: These are so sweet and you get two so you can always have one while the other is being washed!
Bravado Allure Nursing Bra: I am not nursing right now but I plan to whenever baby #2 arrives (again, not pregnant!) so it would be great to have on hand!
Boon Potty Bench:  This is another one I would love to win since Little L will be potty training soon!
Bummis Swimmi: I love my swim diapers!  They work so much better than the disposable!
Tooth Fairy DVD:  We love the movies Dwayne Johnson has done and I would love to see this!
Partylite Giveaway:  This is a great candle company and they are giving away a scent warmer!
Step2 Gather & Grille Outdoor Playhouse:  Wouldn't this be great to win!  WooHoo!

Cars, Trucks and Teething Rings is yet another mommy blog with giveaways!  Here is what she has right now:
Passion Spice:  Sounds kind of dirty, I know!  But it is actually really cute nursing bras and matching panties (NO I am NOT pregnant!  I just like to think about it!)  :)
SodaStream Giveaway:  There are a couple blogs giving this away right now and it looks so fun! 

Fitteds and pockets and snappis, oh my! is a mommy blog that has a lot of cloth diaper giveaways!  Here is what is open now: 
Thirsties Fab Wipes and Booty Luster: I am really wanting to switch to cloth wipes so I am hoping to win this one!
Economom Plum/Revolution Foods: I am always looking for fun treats for Little L and these look yummy!
Kissaluvs Marvels AIO Diaper: I love fluff and trying new diapers!
Cranky Cat Studio $30 Gift Certificate:  They have so much fun stuff at this place!  I love the overall tutus!

Monkey Tales is...yup you guessed it...another mommy blog!  Here is what she is giving away:
Snap-Ez Eco Pocket Diaper:  Again, I love new diapers!  Snap-Ez
SodaStream: I told you there were a couple out there right now!  SodaStream's website
Air-O-Swiss Ultrasonic Humidifier: This travel one would work great for little L's room!  Air-O-Swiss

This Mama Rocks!  Could it be...another mommy blog...yup! Here is what is up for grabs:
Noodle Head Travel Buddies: These are so cute and practical!

Take It From Me is probably one of my favorite giveaway blogs!  (Probably because I've won a few times from them!)  :)  Here's their current giveaways:
Scentsy Giveaway:  This is for a company that makes really cute warmers that are electric so you can make your house smell pretty without any flames from candles!
Addie Bugs Giveaway:  You can win a super cute handmade sign for birthdays, welcomes, whatever!
Safety 1st Booster Seat: This is for a Snack and Scribble and useful!
Hot Mama Handbags: Win a $35 Gift Card to use at their store for a super cute purse!
Signature Creations LLC: Win a beautiful sign that is custom made with your choice of saying!
Simply FabBOWlous: This is for an awesome set of headbands for your little princess!
Alison Avenues Giveaway: You can win a handmade Car Seat Canopy that doubles as a Nursing Cover!

My 3 Adorable Kids has had a couple of giveaways lately that I just got in on and right now it is for a Joovy Ultralight Stroller.  I would love to win this even though I only have Little L right now...I know, I know, maybe I think too much about baby #2 but I can't help it!  :)

Growing a Baby in Seattle Reviews, well I guess the title of the blog says it all!  She's got some fun giveaways going on now!
Clippopotamus: Win a $30 gift certificate for some really cute hair clips for your little one!
Picky Sticky: This is for a set of "stickers" that attach to your babes clothing for the day so you know how old they are or what the special day is when you look back at pics!
The Heart Mender: This is a giveaway for a book called "The Heart Mender".  I love to read inspirational stories and this one looks really good!

Exploits off  a Military Mama is a fun blog to follow!  Sally always seems to find away to make me laugh and totally relate!  Love how she keeps it real!  She is having a month of fluff and right now these are the actual giveaways:
Tiny Tush Diaper: Love my cloth diapers!
Nifty Nappys: Win a $35 gift card to know it!...FLUFF!

Lovin Life is the last one I'l tell you about for now!  It's for another SodaStream Giveaway...I told you there are a couple out there!  SodaStream's website

Whew!  I guess that's it for now!

Things I Love Thursdays - Demon Hunter and War of Ages


So this week I am going to tell you about 2 bands I love, Demon Hunter and War of Ages.  Now, while I think these guys are great to listen to (when I am in a head banging kind of mood) the real reason I love them is because they make my hubby happy!  

If you have never heard of them before they are both heavy metal bands full of guys that love Jesus!  It is so great because it allows my hubby to rock out and praise God at the same time!  

The reason I am posting this today is because last night both of those bands were in town and the hubby went with a friend of his to rock out.  Let me just tell you that when he found out they were coming, way back in January or so, the drooling began!  He has been patiently waiting for last night for so long!  Which of course means Little L and I have been happily listening to both of these bands quite frequently and yes, I do know most of the words!  The best part is watching Little L dance when Daddy plays these guys...she is most definitely going to be a little rocker!

This is the hubby and his buddy right before the show!  Can you feel the excitement!

I have to admit I was a little concerned that the hubby might be let down after having such high hopes for so long but thankfully God made sure everything worked out perfectly!  They got there just before War of Ages took the stage and had great seats (or as great of seats as you can get at that venue anyway!).  Our camera was stowed safety in the hubby's pocket just in case he was able to get a shot of one of the bands.  Once he got there though, he told me, he decided to just put it into God's hands and if he got the chance for a picture than so be it.  Praise Jesus that He cares about everything!  Just as the night was wrapping up both the lead singer from Demon Hunter and the War of Ages guys were available for pictures.  It just totally worked out!  
This is the hubby with Ryan Clark from Demon Hunter

And here he is with the guys from War of Ages!

So if you are looking for some heavy music that really does glorify God then check these bands out!  The hubby and I love them!

Thanks to The Diaper Diaries for hosting "Things I Love Thursdays!" 

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

True Story...

So this morning my hubby came up to me and said "Can you help me?"  And of course being the loving wife I am I answered "With what?"  I looked at him and he stood there with his mouth open.  Turns out he went to brush his teeth and accidentally grabbed the tube of A&D ointment instead of toothpaste!  He didn't realize it until he had already started brushing his teeth!  When he told me about it I of course couldn't stop laughing!  (Again the loving wife part)  :)  I rushed to help him and eventually stopped laughing...well, at least in front of him...

Friday, May 7, 2010

Weekly Update - 15 Month Well Child Visit

So I slacked a little and didn't really get a weekly update in last week (but I'm guessing you guys don't really care so I'm not going to worry about it!)

Lots going on lately but one of the fun things we did was Little L's 15 month pictures last Saturday.  We had them done by the same woman that took her 9 month shots and they turned out super so we were excited to see her again!  Check out some samples of the pictures she took on Saturday at Christy's blog for her Creative Connections Photography site.  They turned out so great!  Can't wait to get them printed!

Then Monday morning we had Little L's 15 month well child visit and it went great!  She is growing right along (is actually in the 90% for height and 50% for everything else).  She made sure to show off her skills by pointing to her teeth when the pediatrician asked about brushing her teeth and she also gave some "love" to the froggies on the wall!  Such a cutie if I do say so myself! 

Unfortunately the last few nights/days have been a bit rough!  For some reason Little L decided she didn't really want to sleep at night.  I think with the combination of teething and growing she was just a little out of wack.  So on Monday night she woke up around midnight and was screaming.  I went in to comfort her and she calmed down but as soon as I tried to put her in her crib she would get all worked up!  I figured I would try lying down with her in the spare bed but she just wouldn't fall asleep.  So I tried a bunch of different things and basically just ended up cuddling with her until about 5 in the morning.  She finally went down and I was able to get a little nap before work.  Tuesday night she slept all night through which was great but then on Wednesday night she was up again around 11:30pm.  The hubby and I decided it would just be easiest to play with her since she was completely awake so the 3 of us watched a video and then I went back to bed and daddy and Little L played until about 3:30 in the morning when she finally went to sleep!  I was so exhausted last night after work that I was feeling sick.  So after Little L went to bed so did I.  Unfortunately she woke up again around 11pm.  I was so tired the only thing I could think of was to get in her crib and sleep with her.  I know...sounds crazy right...but she would just run all over our bed if I brought her in there so that wasn't an option.  And as crazy as it was I was just so tired I had to do something...well it worked!  She calmed down right away and fell asleep about 45 min. later.  After she had slept for a little while I crawled out and went to bed.  Ah, the joys of mommyhood!  :)  You do what you have to right!  :)

The hubby was busy last week helping some friends out at their business by setting up cubicles.  Unfortunately it ended up being a lot more time consuming than was expected but he worked super hard and got the job done!  

I had "yogurt school" this week so I had to go into work for three days.  Since I am going to be working on yogurt now it was super helpful to learn all the different processes and how it is actually made!  We even got to make a batch of it ourselves!  Tons of fun!

Well, that's about it for now!  Exciting things are on the horizon...I just know it and I can't wait to share!

Oh, and here's Little L running around with one of her fave books!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Savvy Shopper - The Drug Store Game

Ok, so last week was pretty slow with my shopping.  I even skipped double coupon days at Rainbow!  *GASP*  (We actually have a pretty well stocked pantry and with a sick Little L. I just decided it wasn't worth the effort)

I did have a pretty good trip to Cub but I think my most successful trip was to CVS so I figured I would share with you my steals this week and how I entered the "Drug Store Game"!

This last week I got 2 Oral-B tooth brushes for free, vitamins for the hubby for $6 instead of $20, Biore strips and cleanser for $1.33 each and John Frieda curl spray for $1.33.  (I won't go into detail on what coupons I used or what the sales were since I think Carrie at Pocket Your Dollars does a much better job!)

I never used to shop at CVS or Walgreens unless we were out of something and it was late at night.  (Like when I used to run to Wags to buy deodorant for the hubby since he forgot to mention he was low and now he's out so we have to shell out $4! *insert another gasp here since now I won't pay more than $0.50 for his deodorant!*)  So when I started following Pocket Your Dollars (check her out...she is amazing!) I was intrigued to see her telling you how to get free/cheap stuff at drug stores.  I had to check it out for myself and I was immediately hooked!

Basically the way it works is that drug stores offer their products for super high regular prices which means they can afford to offer them on sale for really great deals.  The stores will then have what they call "loss leaders" which are deals that might actually lose the store money but their hope is that you will come in the store to buy it and then purchase a few other things at full price.  Of course, the way then to beat the system is to only buy the loss leaders!  Then when you pair your coupons with the loss leader sales and the rewards programs mentioned next, you can get stuff for free or super cheap!

Both CVS and Walgreens have a rewards program where you can earn "bucks" that can only be redeemed in their store.  CVS calls theirs Extra Care Rewards and Walgreens calls theirs Register Rewards.  The main difference between the two programs is that you have to have a card at CVS to get the deals.  This means they can then track your deals and limit you on how many you can get.  Walgreens doesn't track you but there are other restrictions on their "bucks".  (Check out these links from PYD site that will go into more detail on how the programs work: CVS and Walgreens)

When I first started I went to both CVS and Walgreens trying to get in on all the freebies.  What I found for myself is that the CVS program fits me better.  The Extra Care Bucks you earn at CVS last for a month and there are hardly any restrictions on how you use them.  Plus I actually kind of like to be limited on how many deals I can get so I don't go overboard (and no one else can either!).  The Walgreens Register Rewards only last 2 weeks and they have more restrictions on how to use them.  So I just decided that unless there is a super fabulous deal on something I really need at Walgreens then I am going to just stick to CVS.

If trying to figure out the deals every week seems like too much work for you then just head over to Pocket Your Dollars site and Carrie will have a list of what to buy and what coupons to use!  So fabulous!

Then today I treated myself to a little early Mother's Day gift from JC Penny!  I had gotten one of the $10 off of a $10 purchase coupon from Pennys in the mail so I figured I would go in and see what kind of a deal I could get.  There were lots of options to choose from and lots of stuff I almost got Little L.  (In fact my mom said she might send me her coupon in the mail so if I get it in time I am going to go back and get 2- 6 packs of socks for Little L that will only cost me $0.50 total after the $10 off!)  In the end I decided to be a little selfish and I picked up a flyaway sweater (pictured below) for $4.99!  I figured it will be great to wear with all of my different colored tank tops this summer for a comfy new look.

X6.aspx.jpg(this is not me...just in case you were wondering!)  ;)

Happy Savvy Shopping!