Thursday, September 9, 2010

16 Reasons God Gave Us Thumbs

Having my thumb out of order for the time being has given me plenty of insight into why God gave us TWO thumbs!  (Read about my thumb meeting a cheese slicer here)

1. For opening things (most importantly bags filled with yummy foods!)
2. Cooking Dinner (try cutting up raw chicken without using one thumb...not easy!)
3. Picking up Little L (and now she says "Me Up" whenever she wants me to pick her up which is quite often!)
4. Taking a shower (First off my whole hand is basically out of order in the shower since I have to have it in a ziplock bag and then trying to get shampoo and conditioner out of a container without your thumb to squeeze the bottle is not fun)
5. Zipping jackets (mine or Little L's and with the fast drop in temps lately we are wearing jackets everyday!)
6. Texting (good thing I don't do it much anyway cause it is close to impossible with just one thumb!)
7. Putting pig tails in Little L's hair (I've had to get good...ok, putting hair binders in her hair using my first two fingers on my left hand)
8. Going to the little girl's room (the actual process isn't really hindered but it's the getting my pants off and on that is a huge pain right now!)
9. Sleeping (ok, so the out of commission thumb doesn't necessarily hurt my sleeping but the throbbing during the first few nights made it super hard to sleep and now it is just a pain with trying to not lay on my big, still tender thumb)
10. Changing Little L's diapers (the only "good" thing about this situation is that I have a good excuse for the hubby to change more diapers than usual!)
11. Giving Little L a bath (it's hard enough for me to take a shower with my hand in a ziplock bag...there's no way I can give her a bath!)
12. Picking up anything heavy (if you have to use two hands you can pretty much guarantee it's gonna be a real pain for me to pick up right now)
13. Tearing something (think about it...when you tear something you put it between your thumb and first finger on both hands...)
14. Tying shoes (again it's that whole thumb/forefinger action that I am missing out on)
15. Washing dishes (this one is mostly because of the whole "don't get your bandage wet" thing and it is seriously hard to remember to keep my thumb out of the way)
16. Hitch hiking (actually having my thumb all bandaged up makes it that much more visible so I guess if I need to hitch a ride now's the time to do it!)  :)

I'm sure I will think up more things that thumbs are good for the rest of the time that my thumb is out of wack! One thing I have learned through this whole situation is that I am so thankful for all of the working body parts Jesus gave me and for the fact that my thumb is only out of commission for a little while!


The Nielson's said...

Oh goodness! I can't imagine not being able to use my thumb! I hope you are healing well and you regain use of your thumb again soon!!!

JJ and EJ said...

Yuck! Praying for a super speedy recovery! Glad it's not as throbbing and painful now - but annoying is still not fun! I bet little L will enjoying having Mommy back in full commission soon too!