Monday, September 13, 2010

Labor Day at the Cabin - Making Buns with Grandpa and GiGi

One of my favorite memories of growing up and visiting the lake was making buns with my grandma.  (Actually both of my grandmas made buns so it really is something that has a special place in my heart!)  Since both great-granddaughters were at the lake with their grandpas they decided to have a bun making lesson.  Each grandpa helped his granddaughter while GiGi (their great-grandma) taught them how to make buns!  The girls had lots of fun, although Little L mostly just ate the bun dough!

**Quick side note about eating bun dough...we had a discussion about how those of us that grew up snacking on bun dough think it is SO yummy while those of us who did not think it is pretty yucky!  (i.e. the cousins all think it is yummy while the husbands think we are crazy for eating it!)

On to the photos!

GiGi cutting up the dough into bun sizes

Little L is already starting to snack!

Telling Grandpa about how yummy the bun dough is

Great-Uncle P., Miss A., Grandpa, Little L and GiGi all making buns!

Here she just sticks the whole thing in her mouth!

Yummy!  GiGi's bun dough is almost as yummy as the fresh buns!
Still more Labor Day pictures to come!


JJ and EJ said...

What a very special tradition! So cool that you could pass it on to Little L! :) My Grandma made (makes) buns too, but my VERY favorite memories and the tradition we still hold on to is her rolled out cookies.... mmmmmm... that dough is amazing too!!! :)