Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A New Fall Tradition!

On Pocket Your Dollars a few days ago they had posted that Bachman's (a local flower shop) was having a Fall Festival where you could build your own scarecrow for free.  All you had to do was bring in the clothes and they provided the hay and burlap sac (for the head)!

Since I knew Little L's attention span would be a little too short to stuff a full size scarecrow I decided to just do one of her older pjs with feet that she doesn't fit into anymore.  Plus, having the feet already closed and the zipper up the middle made it super easy to stuff!

We went a few minutes before it started so she got to run around a bit, look at pumpkins and play in the hay.  I was right that she would have a short attention span since she didn't even want to spend all the time it took to stuff the jammies!  :)   Once we I got the jammies stuffed Little L had a blast carrying around her "baby".  At least that is what she kept calling it!  Even though I did a TON of chasing Little L around we had a lot of fun and I am hoping we started a new tradition!

Here are the pics!

So I know it looks a little creepy without a real face, and I have been meaning to put one on but just haven't gotten around to it so it is just sitting on our front porch faceless!  Maybe someday I'll give it some eyes, a nose and a mouth!  We'll see!