Monday, September 20, 2010

Labor Day at the Cabin - Cousin Time

Little L had such a good time hanging out with her "cousin" Miss A!  (Miss A is actually my cousin's daughter so I think they are second cousin or something like that!)  She is only 6 months older than Little L so she has LOTS to teach!  :)

Here are some pictures from their time together!

Playing in the Little Tyke's Car that Miss A's Mor Mor (Grandma) got for $3 at a garage sale!  The girls were so cute!  They kept taking "turns" that were super short!

These are the only floaties the girls couldn't pop!  They were jumping back and forth on them and then pretending to take a nap in their "beds"!

Since they couldn't go in the lake we had the girls take a bath in GiGi's bathtub!  Sorry you can't really see Little L's face but I wasn't fast enough in taking the picture!

They had a lot of fun together this summer and I know they will have lots more fun together at the lake in the coming summers!  So glad Little L has such a great "cousin" to play with!