Thursday, May 26, 2011

Girly Fun

The other day I put a braid in Little L's hair and when it came out it was all wavy, so being the girly girl I am, I wanted to see what her hair would look like if I covered it in braids!  After a bath one night I put on Little Einsteins and filled Little L's head with tiny braids!  She actually did really great sitting still (since she was basically zoned out on the show!)

Here are the "before" pics...
This is one of Little L's newest "camera" smiles

Here are the "after" pics...
Here's that closed eye "camera" smile again!

You can see it was a little crazy but kind of fun and it calmed down as the day went on.  I'm sure we'll do it again someday soon!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Little Rainy Fun

I actually wrote this post before we had our crazy storms these last few days!  I have to admit...we are a little tired of the rain now!  :)

We've had quite a few rainy days lately and I really don't mind so much since it is turning our grass green and helping our flowers grow!  Plus it is fun to watch Little L explore what rainy days are like!  I know she's seen rainy days before but she really hasn't been able to play in them like she can now.  Of course, after playing with my umbrella one day she fell in love and I had to get her one of her own!  She helped me pick the ladybug design out online and she remembered it was coming so she asked pretty much every day for her ladybug "brella" until it came!

Here's another shot of her saying "cheese"!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

A New Sandbox

Little L just got a new sandbox and boy does she love it!  Turns out she loves to dig in the dirt so the sandbox is great since she doesn't get quite as dirty and she doesn't disrupt our flowers either!  Her favorite thing to do in it right now is play hide n seek.  I picked up a couple of sand forms at the dollar store in the shape of Mickey, Goofy and Donald so we hide them deep in the sand and then she finds them!  Hours of fun I tell you!  Here are pics from her first day in the sandbox...

This is Little L saying "Cheese"  :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Vist With Friends from ND

A few weeks ago I found out that some family friends of ours were going to be in the cities over Easter weekend.  So we went down to the hotel they stayed at near the airport to eat pizza and go swimming.  LL and I grew up together and even though we lived states apart we always stayed connected and had a ton of pictures taken of the two of us in matching jammies.  LL even brought matching jammies for her little girl M and Little L.  Too fun!  It was such a great time reconnecting even if it was just for a few hours!

Little L, Miss M and Mr. C hanging out on the bed

Playing with the ipad

Mr. C wanted in on the action too

There was a box of crackers that went from child to child that night!  Here Little L is sharing some with her new friends!
That's LL just over by her son Mr. C

Watching the airplanes take off

Mr. C kept trying to climb into his pack n play...he even dove in head first one time!

2 little monkeys jumpin on the bed!

Showing off their matching jammies

They became friends right off the bat!  Sharing a chair while eating pizza

Running down the hall to the pool!

Miss E, Miss M, Mrs. M and Little L
Miss E's flight was delayed so we only got to see her for a few minutes but it was still great to catch up!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

How not to wear your bathing suit

Little L loves to go swimming and she loves to wear her bathing suits.  The only thing is she hasn't totally figured out how to put her bathing suits on by herself just yet.  This is how she came out of her room the other night...

Friday, May 13, 2011

Kitchen time

Little L is really starting to enjoy her kitchen and I love watching her actually pretend!  She loves to run the water in the sink and fill up glasses for us to drink!  And she loves to play with her phone.  She is used to me saying that I've got to grab my phone before we go somewhere so then she has to grab her phone and bring it with her.  Too cute!  Enjoy the pics!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Grandma S's last minute trip

When the hubby started working again and I had a trip out to Methuen for a trial at one of our yogurt plants we were stuck trying to figure out who would watch Little L while I was gone (we still didn't have her daycare figured out just yet either).  Thankfully, my mom was willing to fly in for an impromptu trip.  Other than baking and playing in the snow we also took a trip to the Mall of America and went to Underwater Adventure (or Sea Life or whatever it is called now!).  Then we met 2 of my aunts and went to Ikea. Here are pics from our trips!  And thanks again mom for coming on such short notice to help us out!

Touching something squishy from the ocean!

The room the jellyfish were in was dark and lit with black cool!

I love this shot!
Climbing on beds at IKEA...she wanted to climb on everything!

My Aunt J, Aunt O and my mom eating lunch at IKEA

Little L and me at IKEA

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Snow Days

I'm not going to lie...I am so glad that we are done with the snow for now.  But it is a little fun to remember how much fun Little L had when it was warm enough to play outside!  Here are some pics of Little L playing in the snow!

Making a family of snowmen with Grandma S

This was the best family picture we were able to get with us and our snow people!

Monday, May 9, 2011

More Baking with Grandma

Since I am so far behind on posting I am going to just group a couple of baking session Little L had with Grandma S into this post!  Enjoy!

Making yummy cookies!

Clover Leaf Buns

Her favorite part of baking!