Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Grandma S's last minute trip

When the hubby started working again and I had a trip out to Methuen for a trial at one of our yogurt plants we were stuck trying to figure out who would watch Little L while I was gone (we still didn't have her daycare figured out just yet either).  Thankfully, my mom was willing to fly in for an impromptu trip.  Other than baking and playing in the snow we also took a trip to the Mall of America and went to Underwater Adventure (or Sea Life or whatever it is called now!).  Then we met 2 of my aunts and went to Ikea. Here are pics from our trips!  And thanks again mom for coming on such short notice to help us out!

Touching something squishy from the ocean!

The room the jellyfish were in was dark and lit with black cool!

I love this shot!
Climbing on beds at IKEA...she wanted to climb on everything!

My Aunt J, Aunt O and my mom eating lunch at IKEA

Little L and me at IKEA


JJ and EJ said...

Grandmas are THE BEST!! I bet you've NEVER heard that you look just like her! I think we may have to hit up that Underwater area -- looks awesome!