Saturday, May 22, 2010

Weekly Update - Fun News

Wow did this week fly by!  We have been keeping our days full as usual!

First things first, a Little L update!  She is sleeping through the night again!  I think I mentioned that in the last post and she has gotten even better since!  Some may not think that is worth mentioning twice but trust me, the sleep the hubby and I are getting now (and weren't getting then) make it worth a second mention!

Little L is loving the warm weather we have been having since that means she gets to play outside!  She loves looking at the "flowers" (otherwise known as weeds) and picking them to put in her hair!  Mostly though she just loves to run around the backyard with some treasure in her hand (which is usually a piece of bark or a small rock)!  Ahhh, I love how easily amused she is!  :)

The hubby has been hard at work with Krav Maga training at least 3 times a week.  He got his first "battle wound" Thursday night when some guy poked him in the eye!  Although it is still a little red he says it doesn't hurt any more and we just praise God that it wasn't anything worse!

I had a pretty fabulous week at work which is always nice!  I was able to take a self defense course entitled "Not Me" I am so blessed that I work somewhere that truly cares about my safety and was willing to offer the class.  I definitely left feeling more empowered and with a sense that I could defend myself if necessary.  The one thing that hit me the strongest during the course was the fact that I will always have the Holy Spirit with me to protect me, guide me, and help me remember what to do if I am ever faced with a difficult situation!  That reminder is what gives me the most peace of all!

Then on Thursday we had our division's end of the year party (our fiscal year runs June to May) which is an annual boat cruise down the Mississippi River.  It was a BEAUTIFUL day for the boat trip!  Plus I was able to hang out with two of my favorite girls and we got to go home early!  Doesn't get much better than that!

Now for the fun news that I mentioned in the title of this post...In the next few weeks I will be posting my first few official review posts and....drumroll first GIVEAWAY!  WooHoo!

So when I started this blog a year ago I had no idea what I was going to do with it and ended up doing nothing!  Then when I started up again I really just wanted to try and win some giveaways but after I made my blog pretty I was hooked!  As I started entering all of these blog giveaways I thought, I can do that!  I can review something, share my opinion and give stuff away!  I started to look into some things and I have come across a few different opportunities for reviews and giveaways.  I have NO clue what will happen in the future but I do KNOW I will have FUN!  So stick around and see what comes our way!

Have an Abundantly Blessed Week!


The Nielson's said...

Yay! How exciting for a sleeping Little L! And for your giveaway! Can't wait to see what it is! :)