Saturday, May 15, 2010

Weekly Update - Sleeping Beauty

Yup, I am calling things that be not as though they are!  Actually, Little L has been sleeping really well these last few nights!  We had some rough times there where she just was not wanting to sleep even though nothing was wrong!  I am sure it was just some sort of developmental stage, you know, where they realize you aren't in there with them when they think you should be.  Thankfully we seem to have moved out of this bought of sleepless nights!  WooHoo!

She is sleeping soundly as I write this with her Glow Worm and Giggle Monkey.  I gave her Glow Worm the other night in desperation, hoping that the light and music would calm didn't, well at least not that night.  But now she has started taking Glow Worm and Giggle Monkey to bed with her all the time.  Giggle Monkey has a little noise maker in his foot that laughs like a little baby (sooo cute!) and then Glow Worm plays music so every once in awhile you can here those sounds coming from her room (even when she should be sleeping).  But my theory is that as long as she isn't crying I am a happy Momma!  :)

The other reason I went with the Sleeping Beauty title is because Little L just LOVES her princess hooded bath towel right now!  Yesterday she was wearing it all over and playing in it!  Too cute!  It's pretty big but she doesn't seem to mind.  Here are a few pictures of her with it on:

I am sure you can tell from the pictures what Mamma got for mother's day from her mamma!  That's right! Photoshop Elements 8!  I have been seeing all of these fabulous pictures on other mamma's blogs and I wanted to be able to do some of that too.  Before I just used iphoto for everything which really only gets you so far.  When I saw the price tag on Photoshop I went into sticker shock...Do you know how much groceries I could get with that kinda green on double coupons day at Rainbow!  (Yup, that's how I think!)  So I was super excited when I saw that Amazon's deal of the day a few days back was Photoshop Elements 8 for $55 and there was a $20 rebate making it only $35!  (I can still get a lot of groceries at Rainbow for that but this was SUCH a great deal!)  Since I am not planning on becoming a professional photographer (there are quite a few out there if you haven't already noticed!) I figured Elements would be the perfect place for me to start!  Once I get some stuff figured out I will probably want to upgrade my point and shoot but until then I will just try to muddle through with what I've got!  As you can see from those photos I have a long ways to go to get stuff figured out!

As far as the rest of my week went, I have to say it was pretty darn good!  I got to make yogurt at work, have girls night with my girl MW, and then another play date with her and the babes at her new home!  (LOVE that they are only 15 min away now!)

The hubby has been keeping busy with his night out on the town to see Demon Hunter and War of Ages.  (See my Things I Love post to see how that went!)  And he has been training extremely hard with Krav Maga (one of his new passions).  God has some super amazing things in store for him and I can't wait to see His plan unfold!

Looking forward to abundant blessings coming our way this week and I hope you are too!


The Bachman Family said...

Hey Erica! So good to hear from you! Your little girl is adorable- and you look amazing yourself! I'll tell Michael you said hello!

Carrie said...

Love the picture- so cute!

Did you see the email from me? you won the Picky Sticky giveaway at my blog. Email me if you didn't get it and I'll send it again (growingababyreviews at hotmail dot com)