Monday, May 24, 2010

Little L's 15 month photos by Creative Connections Photography

At the beginning of the month I had the privilege of getting Little L's 15 month pictures taken by Christy at Creative Connections Photography!  It was great because I was able to get a super special facebook deal with her where it was a 30 min sitting and 5 digital images on a cd for free!  Seriously such an amazing blessing!  We first had Little L's pictures taken with Christy back in November when she was 9 months old (Little L, not the photographer!).  Those pictures turned out fabulous so I was really excited to see what kind of shots we would get with the spring colors and Little L being so much more mobile!

Thankfully it had been warm really early so there was LOTS of green!  And Little L was definitely mobile!  She was acting like the little toddler she is and she wanted to do what she wanted to do.  No questions asked!  You can see how serious she is when we are in a new setting but thankfully we got some great smiles in as well!

My absolute favorite is picture #7 where she is on the bridge with the petticoat!  Really though, I love them all and so it was, of course, hard to choose which 5 to get for our CD.  Since we aren't very good at narrowing them down and the grandparents couldn't bear to part with some of the shots, Christy gave us a great deal on one of her packages so we ended up getting 11 of the digital copies, the grandparents got some prints and I got a proof book with every picture in it.

One of the things I love the most about Christy is the special touches she puts on the product she sells.  First off, she hand delivered the cd and proof book to our house!  (Well, actually her little helper, her daughter, handed them to me!)  Everything was in a simple brown paper bag with a Creative Connections Photography sticker.  There was a personal note on the box containing the cd and proof book thanking me and letting me know she had included 8 free wallets!  What a nice surprise!  There was even a pretty green ribbon tied around the wallets to keep them together.  Such a nice touch!  

I think what I love the most though would have to be the cd holder.  It is a tri-fold that holds the cd in the center and there are some beautiful shots and information about Creative Connections and the best part is that the usage license is on one flap!  That way I don't have to worry about where I stuck my copy of it!  (I was going to include some shots of the packaging and such but I'm not a photographer, hence the reason I rave about Christy, and I figured I wouldn't want to take away from her great shots! You can believe me that everything arrives like a cute little present from a boutique!)

I know there are a LOT of great photographers in this world (and I know some of you personally!) but if you are in the Twin Cities area and are looking for a fabulous family photographer than be sure to check out Creative Connections Photography!  (and tell Christy I sent you!)  :)

Now on to the pictures!  Feel free to talk about how cute my baby is!  (Oh, and I know...she needs a haircut...believe me it will happen soon!)


JJ and EJ said...

Oh. my. word. Even my husband said, "She is CUTE!" (not to say my husband wouldn't say nice things, he just doesn't bust out the "c" word very often!) Love, love, love the pics! \

It IS tough to narrow down pictures, isn't it? And you HAVE to get the digital copies now... I don't know what I would do without them! : )

The Nielson's said...

Oh my goodness! Way cute shots...I wouldnt be able to choose either. She is absolutely adorable! :)