Sunday, May 2, 2010

Savvy Shopper - The Drug Store Game

Ok, so last week was pretty slow with my shopping.  I even skipped double coupon days at Rainbow!  *GASP*  (We actually have a pretty well stocked pantry and with a sick Little L. I just decided it wasn't worth the effort)

I did have a pretty good trip to Cub but I think my most successful trip was to CVS so I figured I would share with you my steals this week and how I entered the "Drug Store Game"!

This last week I got 2 Oral-B tooth brushes for free, vitamins for the hubby for $6 instead of $20, Biore strips and cleanser for $1.33 each and John Frieda curl spray for $1.33.  (I won't go into detail on what coupons I used or what the sales were since I think Carrie at Pocket Your Dollars does a much better job!)

I never used to shop at CVS or Walgreens unless we were out of something and it was late at night.  (Like when I used to run to Wags to buy deodorant for the hubby since he forgot to mention he was low and now he's out so we have to shell out $4! *insert another gasp here since now I won't pay more than $0.50 for his deodorant!*)  So when I started following Pocket Your Dollars (check her out...she is amazing!) I was intrigued to see her telling you how to get free/cheap stuff at drug stores.  I had to check it out for myself and I was immediately hooked!

Basically the way it works is that drug stores offer their products for super high regular prices which means they can afford to offer them on sale for really great deals.  The stores will then have what they call "loss leaders" which are deals that might actually lose the store money but their hope is that you will come in the store to buy it and then purchase a few other things at full price.  Of course, the way then to beat the system is to only buy the loss leaders!  Then when you pair your coupons with the loss leader sales and the rewards programs mentioned next, you can get stuff for free or super cheap!

Both CVS and Walgreens have a rewards program where you can earn "bucks" that can only be redeemed in their store.  CVS calls theirs Extra Care Rewards and Walgreens calls theirs Register Rewards.  The main difference between the two programs is that you have to have a card at CVS to get the deals.  This means they can then track your deals and limit you on how many you can get.  Walgreens doesn't track you but there are other restrictions on their "bucks".  (Check out these links from PYD site that will go into more detail on how the programs work: CVS and Walgreens)

When I first started I went to both CVS and Walgreens trying to get in on all the freebies.  What I found for myself is that the CVS program fits me better.  The Extra Care Bucks you earn at CVS last for a month and there are hardly any restrictions on how you use them.  Plus I actually kind of like to be limited on how many deals I can get so I don't go overboard (and no one else can either!).  The Walgreens Register Rewards only last 2 weeks and they have more restrictions on how to use them.  So I just decided that unless there is a super fabulous deal on something I really need at Walgreens then I am going to just stick to CVS.

If trying to figure out the deals every week seems like too much work for you then just head over to Pocket Your Dollars site and Carrie will have a list of what to buy and what coupons to use!  So fabulous!

Then today I treated myself to a little early Mother's Day gift from JC Penny!  I had gotten one of the $10 off of a $10 purchase coupon from Pennys in the mail so I figured I would go in and see what kind of a deal I could get.  There were lots of options to choose from and lots of stuff I almost got Little L.  (In fact my mom said she might send me her coupon in the mail so if I get it in time I am going to go back and get 2- 6 packs of socks for Little L that will only cost me $0.50 total after the $10 off!)  In the end I decided to be a little selfish and I picked up a flyaway sweater (pictured below) for $4.99!  I figured it will be great to wear with all of my different colored tank tops this summer for a comfy new look.

X6.aspx.jpg(this is not me...just in case you were wondering!)  ;)

Happy Savvy Shopping!


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