Thursday, September 23, 2010

Baking with Mommy and Little L

The other day I decided to make some chocolate chip cookies to help warm up the house (and maybe because I have a little bit of a sweet tooth!)  But seriously, the house was super chilly and instead of cranking up the heater I figured we could just do some baking.  So, I got things set up and Little L started helping.  Unfortunately, as I was in the process of measuring everything out I realized I was 1/4 cup short of brown sugar.  I figured, well, maybe they just won't be as sweet...I'll just keep chugging along and hope everything works out ok.  Searching for the brown sugar had gotten me a little frazzled though so I wasn't thinking and before I beat the sugar, butter, and vanilla I added the eggs.  You know, the eggs you are supposed to add one at a time, slowly mixing them into the already beaten butter/sugar/vanilla mixture!  Needless to say, I ended up beating those eggs up and pretty much beat the snot out of the functioning proteins...(that's a little food science for all you just to show that I actually do know at least a little about what I am doing at work!)  I figured at that point though, I might as well just bake them to see what happens.  At least the batter tasted good!


Mommy's Helper!

Reaching for a whole spoonful of batter!

And just in case you were wondering...this is what cookies look like if you have beat down eggs that can't function!  

Then on Sunday, the hubby's mom and dad were coming over to see Little L, grill some burgers and hot dogs and watch the Vikings.  I had gotten some great deals on Betty Crocker Dessert Bars so I figured we could make up a batch of Mississippi Mud Brownies for our dessert (and once again warm up the house without turning on the heater).  Little L was quite the helper and I must say that just making boxed brownies went much smoother than the chocolate chip cookies from a few days before (and they turned out just like they were supposed too...super yummy!)  Although I think Little L thought the batter tasted pretty good this time too! 


The Nielson's said...

Oh my goodness! I seriously love these pictures of her helping you bake :) I love to bake, and it's always fun to have a little helper!


A gal after my own heart. I can't believe how old she is looking - I love the long hair! If it makes you feel any better, I burned the tops of my banana nut muffins today! Just got to get rid of the evidence :~)

JJ and EJ said...

Look at Little L with her cute apron and everything!! M would LOVE baking time... we may need to set that up some time soon. Looks like you had the perfect time -- unfunctionable eggs and all! ; )