Monday, September 20, 2010

A Day with Grandpa

Right before my dad had to fly back to CA he left his cabin to come spend a day with us (and to have me get up at the CRACK to get him to the airport...more on that later...)

I wanted to make sure we got some quality Grandpa/Granddaughter time in so we started our morning at the park.  Here are some pictures from the fun they had and you might notice that Little L looks like she wet her pants in a few had actually rained the day before so the park was pretty soaked and even though we brought a few paper towels with us (thanks to a suggestion from my hubby) it just wasn't enough to dry stuff down!  Oh, well!

Merry go round fun!

Sitting on the "stepping stones"

Little L loved going back and forth and back and forth and back and...well, you get the idea!

Little L climbed all the way to the top with some help from Grandpa!

Checking out what stuff looks like from the mountain top!

I LOVE this pic!  You can see how much fun Little L is having (plus you can see how much fun Grandpa is having in the background!)

Tree huggers!

Little L getting carried like a sac of potatoes!

After the park we went and did a little shopping at Toys R Us where Grandpa treated Little L to a couple of great gifts!  He got her a super cute Mickey Mouse that talks and one of those fold out toddler couches with the Backyardigans on it.  Little L LOVES to sit on her couch with Mickey and watch the Backyardigans (thankfully there are 3 full seasons on Netflix so we have LOTS of episodes to chose from).    If you've never heard of the Backyardigans they are a cute little group of next door neighbors that play make believe together in their backyard.  Its fun and cute and I love that they sing such fun songs!  Little L likes to dance along with them!

Then we went and had a yummy lunch at Red Lobster!  It was their endless shrimp deal so the hubby and my dad went all out!  I got my the same thing I always get...the coconut popcorn shrimp!  Yum, yum!

With full tummies we went home for our naps and then it was off to church!  It was open house so we had lots of great music and a timely message as always!  Then it was home and basically straight to bed since my dad's flight was leaving at 6:15 A.M.!  (Which meant leaving our house at 4:15 to get him there on time!)  It was a fun trip with my dad and I know Little L had lots of fun with her grandpa!  Thank goodness we have ichat so they can "see" each other at least once a week until he comes back!


JJ and EJ said...

I *think* M is getting a couch for her big Christmas gift. They are too cute and seriously everyone's kid has them and loves them. I'm glad to hear L loves hers too! YAY for Grandpas!! I know M has Grandpa wrapped around her little finger! ; )