Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Weekly Update: A Roller-coaster Ride Week and a Cheese Slicer Incident!

Wow has this been a week (or a couple of weeks) of LOTS of ups and downs!  (Heads up that this post will pretty much just be me rambling about all the stuff we did for the last few days)

Lets go back to the Friday before last (about 12 days ago) when the hubby started up his second round of classes to become a Krav Maga instructor.  With him gone basically all day every day for 10 days, I decided to try and become super mom and do lots of fun things with Little L (all while keeping the house clean, doing laundry, making yummy foods, and crafting!)  High ambitions but not a lot of follow through!

Here's a breakdown of our week of highs and lows (Seriously a roller-coaster week!)

  • Friday:  Daddy's first day of class and Little L and Mommy's trip to Como Zoo (read about it here)
    • Highs: Lots of fun at the zoo!  Including seeing the baby giraffe!
    • Lows: Not being able to meet up with family and rain
  • Saturday: Checked out the Caribou Coffee Warehouse Sale and went to church
    • Highs: Got some really great deals!
    • Lows: Wish I had gotten some more deals!  :)
  • Sunday: Mostly just hung out at home
  • Monday: Hung out with a girlfriend and her little ones for the morning
    • Highs: So nice to get out of the house and have other little ones for Little L to interact with
  • Tuesday: Had an appointment for Little L and she had to get her finger pricked for hemoglobin check and then we went to the Wading pool
    • Highs: Wading pool is always fun with Little L since she loves it so much!
    • Lows: finger pricks and toddlers don't mix!  Also, it was kinda chilly at the wading pool so we didn't stay too long.
  • Wednesday: Rainbow grocery shopping and a trip to the park (pictures to come soon!)
  • Thursday: I had to work so Little L went to spend the day at my girlfriends (the same one we hung out with on Monday)
    • Highs: Little L did great at my friends and I actually got some really nice compliments from my boss at work (totally the favor of God people!)
    • Lows: I had to work and missed my baby!
  • Friday: Went to the Crocs warehouse sale and Roseville Mall
    • Highs: Got a couple of good deals at the Crocs sale and then got even better deals at Herberger's at the mall!  (Dress shirts for the hubby for $7.50!)  Little L had some fun playing in the kiddie area too!
    • Lows: Driving home from the mall I was thinking about stopping and grabbing lunch for us somewhere when Little L proceeded to throw up three times in a row!  She was absolutely covered!  Thankfully she dealt with it really well.  She was upset but for the most part didn't fuss at all!  I just drove home quick and had to completely remove the car seat, give Little L a bath, hose off the car seat and scrub out the back seat! Not a good time!  I'm still not quite sure why she threw up but she took a great nap and was fine for the rest of the day.
  • Saturday: Ran errands with Little L (had to check out our Herberger's to see if there were good sales there too), went to church and picked up my dad from the airport
    • Highs: Our Herberger's did have some great sales!  Church was amazing!  My dad flew in!
    • Lows: I forgot I was helping put together a grocery deal list for my friends blog so I had to work on it after I picked my dad up and since his flight was delayed I didn't get started on it until 10 which meant I was up until midnight working on it!  (Which is uber late for me since I am a 9:30 pm bedtime type girl!)
  • Sunday: The hubby's last day of class and fun day with Grandpa (at least that was what was supposed to happen!)
    • Highs: The biggest high of this day is that my hubby passed his class and he is now an official Krav Maga instructor for IKMF!  WooHoo!  
    • Lows: And here is where it gets messy...I was tired from staying up late and was quickly trying to make my hubby a sandwich for his lunch.  While I was slicing the cheese (with a cheese slicer mind you...not a knife) it slipped and I sliced the tip of my thumb off and broke my thumb nail in half.  I started yelling to the hubby that I had cut my finger really badly so he quick got my dad up and grabbed Little L.  We gave her a thing of milk while my dad was getting dressed and I grabbed a bag of goldfish so she would have something to eat.  We went to the ER where I checked in and my dad had to try and entertain Little L for 3 hours!  They figured stuff out with my thumb (I had sliced off just enough that they didn't think they could really sew it back on) so they numbed me up and cleaned up my thumb than bandaged me and sent me on my way.  (I wish it had actually gone that quickly but there was lots of waiting around time in between). They sent me home with a cocoon around my thumb, a prescription for vicadin and some stuff to re-wrap my thumb.  I decided to try and take one vicadin that afternoon which was so not a good idea!  I ended up getting super nauseous and with Little L I wasn't able to lay down so I ended up throwing up a couple times.  Fun fun!  Now I only take it at night when I go to sleep since it does help with that. At least it doesn't hurt too bad!  It is already healing really well and I am believing for super natural restoration and regrowth of my thumb!  I know that Jesus' healing power is at work in my life!
Ok, so that is a rundown of the highs and lows for the last 10 days or so!  Overall, there were more highs than lows but the ups and downs have definitely worn me out!  I am looking forward to a nice relaxing, long weekend at my dad's lake cabin for Labor Day!


    JJ and EJ said...

    Oh wow! You definitely win roller coaster of the week! Crazy! Congrats to your hubby! Glad L is feeling better after her throwing up. Glad you are feeling better after your thumb incident! YAY God! Saw lots of God sightings in your story! : )