Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Redecorating Little L's Room

Well, I'm not sure that redecorating is the right word but we definitely did some reorganizing in her room a couple of weeks ago!

Before it was Little L's room it was our spare bedroom which meant we had our old full size bed in there.  Once we knew she was on the way we changed things around a little bit to decorate it for her and add a crib and dresser but we left the bed in there.  It was a great idea since I ended up sleeping in that bed for almost the entire first 6 months of Little L's life!  

Now that she is growing up *tear* we didn't really have the need for the bed and it took up a lot of play space so we moved it down into a partially finished room in the basement. (At least the room has walls!)

Here's a few pictures of the room before we moved stuff around:

And here is what it looks like after the reorganizing!  (A little messy but oh well!)

You can see one of my recent blog "winnings" in the corner!  It is technically a spaceship but we didn't really have room to put the fins on so it kind of looks like a castle instead (at least that is what we tell Little L!).  I won the spaceship from Rave and Review's blog.  She's got some other great giveaways going on right now so if you are interested you should check it out!

We are LOVING the open space in her room both for playing and for storing toys!  Even though we still end up with some stuff out in our living room, it mostly lives in her room which makes for a much cleaner house!


The Nielson's said...

Aw! I bet that bed did come in handy! Looks great...and the extra play space is awesome!

JJ and EJ said...

WOW! That castle is the coolest! Lucky little L! Yay for reorganizing! Moving was great for that for us! : )