Friday, August 20, 2010

Girls Night Out

Last night I was super blessed to be able to celebrate my girlfriend and her upcoming wedding at her bachelorette party!  Her sister and future sister-in-law planned such a great night for all of us!

We started off at her sister-in-law's and quickly hopped in the car once everyone was there to drive downtown for dinner.  They had decided they wanted it to be a surprise for my girlfriend so they made her put a blindfold on in the car before we got downtown and didn't let her take it off until we got to our table in the restaurant!  There was a Twins game last night so suffice it to say, we got LOTS of looks from all the people we passed!

For dinner they had reserved a room for us at Solera!  It's a Spanish tapas restaurant which means they pretty much just serve lots of yummy, different appetizers!  It was my first visit and I absolutely loved it!  We all picked two things we wanted to try and then shared everything.  It's amazing how full I felt even though it didn't seem like we ate that much.  My favorite dishes had to be the Braised Rabbit with Artichokes with Lemon and Egg, Ham and Cheese Croquettes, Chorizo Stuffed Dates with Smoked Bacon, and the Fried Calliflower and Lemon (I can't remember the fancy name for that one but OH.MY.GOSH!  The lemon pieces that were breaded and then fried were so amazing and refreshing!).  Seriously, pretty much everything I tried was super yummy with the exception of just a few things that I'm not totally that fond of anyway (i.e. lamb).  I was brave and tried everything that came my way though, and I'm so glad I did!  :)

One half of our party

The other half of our party (I'm on the far right)

After dinner we had a blast making my girlfriend buy stuff on a special "Wedding Night List" at Target! Then it was back to her sister-in-law's for dessert and gifts.  (Who, by the way, did an AMAZING job decorating her place, putting out cute labels for all of the food, picking fun games and just being an all around awesome hostess!)

All in all it was such a fun night of laughter, girl talk, laughter, good food, and more laughter!  I am so honored to be able to be her personal attendant at the wedding and I just can't wait until it comes!

She is going to make such a GORGEOUS bride!