Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Wedding!

Ok, I am officially really behind in updates!  But to my defense, our schedule has been jam packed for what feels like eons!  To make up for it I am just going to start posting a little here, and a little there!  I promise to avoid super long posts!  (Ok, so I will promise to at least TRY to avoid super long posts but for those of you that know me, well, I write like I talk!)

On July 31st my cousin got married!
First kiss!

Now, we didn't actually see them get married (my mom took the picture) because we were outside playing with Little L.  To explain how we missed the wedding let me back up a day...my mom was supposed to fly in early Fri morning and we were going to drive up for the wedding.  Well, she didn't get in until Fri afternoon so we didn't get to our hotel until almost 11pm.  So mix a tired Little L (no she didn't sleep during the 5 hour car ride!) with a fever (yup, she had a fever almost the WHOLE weekend!) and put that into an unfamiliar place to sleep and what do you get?  A very sad Little L that ended up sleeping with mommy in the big bed instead of in her crib!  Now you would think that with the whole not feeling well and not getting much sleep that night would mean that she would take a great nap the next day and if you thought that then you would be wrong!  She didn't take a nap until she laid down with Mommy in the big bed again, later that afternoon.  The later nap meant we were late to the wedding which meant we just hung around outside playing with the little ones that couldn't sit still for the actual ceremony.  Oh, well!  At least we got to see this:
Yup!  They drove off in a John Deere!  I loved it!

On to the reception!  It was great fun except for Little L was EXHAUSTED and a little cranky.  We ended up playing at the park nearby and then had to leave early to get Little L to bed.  That means we missed the dance which made me sad but at least Little L went right to sleep in her port-a-crib at the hotel!

Playing on the same merry-go-round her grandma probably played on!

Doesn't she look ready to go home!
Then Sunday after a pretty restful night we went swimming in the hotel pool and then headed over to my aunt and uncle's farm!  Little L actually took a short nap in the car and then had fun running around outside for awhile.  
Looking at the calves!

Smelling the flowers!
After hanging out with the family for awhile we went back over to my cousins house and had dinner with them before heading back to the hotel for a good nights sleep.

Monday was a little time crunched but we were able to check out my aunt's new town home, drop my cousin off at her place in Moorehead, pick up a few Sioux shirts at Scheels in Fargo (before they make UND change the name!), pick up some cds, dvds, books and even a stuffed Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber (from Veggie Tales or those of you without children!) at my favorite Christian bookstore at the Fargo mall, eat a quick lunch at Taco John's in the mall's food court and then make it back home just in time for the hubby to make it to one of his Krav training classes!  Whew!  It makes me tired just thinking about that day!
Little L with her car seat full of toys to keep her occupied on the long ride home!
All in all it was a slightly stressful (when is traveling with a toddler not!) but fun weekend!

More to come on the week with my mom in upcoming posts!


Jennifer @ The Toy Box Years said...

Too cute!! I love they drove off on a John Deere tractor! Very nice pics!