Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Our First Weekly Post

Ok, so it has been FOREVER since I last posted (minus the one post I did just to be able to enter a blog giveaway!).  Lately I have been visiting a lot of blogs and it really made me rethink my blog and has motivated me to do something with it.  So I searched for (free) templates to make it look prettier and decided on a format.  I will be posting (or trying to post) something weekly.  I figured that is way more doable than daily and not as much time between posts as monthly.

I will pretty much just be doing updates each week about the happenings in our lives (especially Little L's since she is the one most people want to hear about!)  And there will be a few pictures as well!

I will also probably do some random posts here and there about blog giveaways.  I am completely hooked on them right now and have already won a few things!  If you aren't interested just skip them but if you are I will just post them once in awhile with links to what I have been signing up for.  (Posting them on my blog gets me extra entries and like I said...I am hooked on those giveaways!)

I hope this finds everyone well!  (Well, at least you Laura since you are probably one of the only people that will read this!)

Here it goes!

Oh, and one picture of Little L to get us started.....

I know this is my profile pic right now but it is just too stinkin cute not to share!

And in case you are actually wondering how the hubby and I are looking these days, here is a pic from Easter....


Laura L said...

Yay for updates!!! You all look great, I hope we get to see you this summer. I love the new look on your blog too! I'm in the process of designing something to move my blogs over to our own site. I probably won't get very far until I'm done with my final projects for class though.