Saturday, February 12, 2011

Little L's First Hair Cut

About a month ago, I finally took Little L in for her first haircut!  I had been putting it off because I wanted her to have her bangs grow out (and  not have to keep getting them trimmed all the time) and I was really loving her hair getting long.  However, she was definitely getting a duck tail going on in the back and since those kind of went out with the 80's I decided to clip it off before I got her 2 year pictures taken (I'll put those up in a few days!).  Since I am NOT a hair stylist and Little L's hair is so fine, I do not trust myself to cut it so we went into a kid's salon in Maple Grove called Snip Its.  It's a really cute place and since it was our first time there I had a coupon (of course) so it was very reasonably priced.  Plus, they even gave us a little certificate with a lock of Little L's hair!

The salon is super fun looking with lots of bright colors and cartoon characters so that made it really inviting.  We were the only ones there at that time too, which made it easy for Little L to roam and kind of make herself at home.  She wasn't too interested in sitting in the chair at first but once we got her a dumdum sucker and a puzzle, she was good to go!  The stylist did a great job and I am loving Little L's cute little blonde bob!  

The first cut!

The fun animal puzzle kept her busy!

Like her blue lips!?!

Checking herself out in the mirror

And they even added a cute red bow to top off her cute cut!  (Unfortunately that bow didn't last in her hair too long!)


The Nielson's said...

Aw! Completely adorable!

TDM Wendy said...

Cute. Gotta have a lollipop for the haircut. You just must.