Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Jump Around!

To celebrate my birthday my girlfriend invited us over to their house for dinner, homemade cheesecake (YUM) and fun. (this was a few weeks ago of course so please excuse my tardiness in posting!) As a Christmas present for their kids they had gotten an inflatable jumping house and they had it set up in their living room that night. So while the adults were chatting and playing the game "would you rather" (you know, "would you rather live in a mansion you could never leave or be homeless and free to roam the world"), the kids were jumping around!

All the kids had fun but I think Little L was the most hooked that night! She was junping so much she got super sweaty and we had to take her sweatshirt off! After the kids were all worn out my girlfriend went to deflate it and Little L got really sad so we left it up for her to jump in for awhile all by herself. If we had a finished basement or we lived somewhere that was warm more than it was cold (which is not MN! Hello negative 6 as the actual temp this morning!) we would definitely be putting one of these on our wish list!

Here are the pictures from that night!