Friday, July 16, 2010

Tutus, Swimming and a Sweet Moment

I have to warn you before you read any further that this post is a bit of a mashup of events that have occurred over the last few days.  I'm planning on posting a weekly update in the next day or two and then once I get all my pictures together from the 4th I'll put them up too!

Let's start with tutus!  A little while ago I got totally suckered into buying a tutu making dvd (thankfully it was only a couple bucks!)  I just couldn't resist since I have always loved tutus but some of them are just so darned expensive!  So I figured that I could be domestic and make them myself!  I hit up Hancock fabrics and paid full price (gasp!) for some tulle.  (I'll be going to JoAnn's and using coupons or going to some of the fabric outlets in the future but Hancock's is closer and I just wanted to get the stuff!)  Then last night while watching "Straight Talk" on Netflix (I love this movie! I used to rent it on VHS all the time!) I made my very first tutu!  It only took me about three hours which I figured is pretty good for my first time and I know I will be SO much faster now that I know what I am doing.  One thing I did learn though, is I need a heavier elastic for the waist band since the stuff I used this time kept bending too easily when I tried to tighten the tulle.  On to the pictures of my masterpiece!

I have to say I am pretty happy with my first attempt and totally excited to make more! So if you have a little girl you better watch out because I see tulle in your future!  

Onto swimming!  Little L LOVES the water!  She had a blast swimming at the lake a few weekends ago so Grandpa K decided she needed her own little pool in the backyard!  Here are some pictures of her trying it out.


Then today Little L and I met up with a girlfriend of mine and her little girl and we went to a zero depth pool.  OH.MY.WHAT.FUN!  Little L had so much fun I can't even hardly describe it!  When we first got there I didn't have my suit on since I wasn't sure if I would need it or not.  Boy did I need it!  As soon as Little L was in her suit and I put her down she took off for the water!  She just ran right in and kept going!  My girlfriend had to go grab her out of the water and hold onto her until I got my suit on.  Once I was ready to go I just followed her around as she went to the deep side, under the waterfalls, over by the shooting water, back to the shallow side, then back to the deep side all the while playing with a little beach ball my girlfriend had brought and any other toy she found that she thought looked like fun (no matter who it belonged to!)  The water was a little chilly, so even though it was a nice warm day she still had blue lips and was shivering by the time we got out but she didn't seem to mind at all!  I, being such a good mommy, remembered to bring my camera but never got to take a single picture of her since I was in the water with her the whole time!

After we dried off we had a little picnic over by one of the playgrounds and we saw this SWEET MOMENT:  (I knew there was a reason I brought that camera!  The picture just doesn't do the moment justice!)  We have no idea what their story is but it just doesn't get any sweeter than that!  It brought such joy to my day to see these two people taking the time to have some simple fun on the swings together!  

May your weekend be filled with simple joys!  
(whether it's tutus, swimming, swinging, or whatever brings YOU joy, make sure you take sometime to do it as soon as you can!)


Carrie said...

I love the tutu! Good job. And that picture of the couple swinging is the best!

Rose said...

The Tutu is So Super Cute! Good job. Also, the picture on the swings just makes me smile :)

Laura L said...

Ok, so your tutu is absolutely adorable. You should really think about selling some of those on Etsy (I would totally buy one)! I can't wait to see your pictures from the 4th, we are headed to the cabin in a couple weeks and I can't wait!