Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Como Zoo Pictures (Finally!)

I know it has been 3 weeks *cough cough* since we actually visited Como Zoo but here are some long awaited photos!  We had lots of fun despite the fact that everyone else with a child under the age of 10 had the exact same idea as us...that was the first nice day after a week or so of rain so I think EVERY.ONE. decided they wanted to enjoy the zoo with us!  :)
Daddy and Little L when we first arrived
Checking out the tigers
I love how she is totally waving to the tiger!

So happy to be at the zoo!

Looking at some of the only monkeys that were out that day

This is "Don" or at least a statue of him...I was passing time taking pictures of stuff while the hubby took Little L into the monkey exhibit.  It was so crazy busy that day that you couldn't get the stroller into the exhibit buildings without a LOT of hassle!

Little L at the new polar bear exhibit...it is definitely nicer than the old one was but I really wasn't as impressed as I was hoping to be... at least the little polar bear sculpture is super cute!

Daddy and Little L in front of the sloth.  This is a new exhibit from last year that is really cool!  It is a tropical exhibit and is mostly just plants but it is so fun to walk through!  And the sloth is such a slow mover they don't even put him in a cage!  I think he was in the exact same tree on the same branch when we visited last summer!  :)

You might have noticed that I am absent from all of the pictures...we were going to take one with Little L and me in front of the giraffe statues like we had done last year but there were so many kids it just wasn't worth it.  Hopefully we'll make it back before the fall and get the picture then.  


The Nielson's said...

cute! It gets crazy at the zoo in portland too! I always try to get there right when they open...sometimes it helps...sometimes not. You totally need an Ergo! Then no worry about the stroller and exhibits! :)