Monday, April 25, 2011

Little L's Elmo Second Birthday Party

Sorry for the long delay in posting but we have been keeping ourselves super busy (posts and pictures to come)....

For Little L's 2nd birthday party I decided to keep it pretty low key but I wanted to make sure she knew she was being celebrated and I wanted a theme!  Grandma S flew into town that morning and then we started the day at the MN Children's Museum (yes, I will never stop singing the praises of that place!) and met our friends Mrs. M, Miss E, Mr. E and Papa J!  Then we had a "special" McDonald's lunch!

Grandma gave her gummy bears and they ended up on her face!

This is the cupcake shirt I made for turned out better than I expected but not quite as cute as I hoped!

McDonald's Birthday lunch!

She LOVES the water!

Grandma S got Little L her very own kitchen so we put it together while she was sleeping and this is her checking it out!

That night we had just a few people over.  Little L's Grandpa G and Grandma C (the hubby's parents), Grandma S (my mom), Mrs. M, Miss E, and Papa J, plus S and D!  Not a huge party (and only one other kiddo) but still lots of fun!

Like I mentioned earlier, I decided to go with an Elmo theme, which mostly just meant an Elmo balloon, some printouts of Elmo on the wall and, drumroll please.......... Elmo cupcakes!

They really didn't take that long to make and it was fun (although the icing never really got to a true "Elmo" red!)

The girls eating supper at a table that is just their size!

The innocent start of the cupcake eating....

My girlfriend kept egging Little L on until she got the red frosting all.over. which led to...

an impromptu bath!
Little L had so much fun and got so many great gifts!  She is so high tech we even opened gifts with Grandpa M on ichat!  One of the best parts has been listening to her talk about her party in the days and weeks after it happened!  She wanted to keep getting presents in the days that followed (if you even mentioned the word she would pipe up and say "more!")  She also kept talking about her "birthday cake"!  My favorite was when she started talking about the cupcakes..."Eat Elmo's eyes", "Eat Elmo's nose", "Eat Elmo's mouth"!  I never really thought about that fact that making Elmo cupcakes meant she was eating Elmo!  It was too funny!  :)

All in all, we had a great time celebrating Little L's big day!


JJ and EJ said...

Awww! Happy belated bday to Miss L! She is so cute (and those cupcakes were adorable!)!