Sunday, August 28, 2011

Grandma S's Vist and a Trip Up North

My mom came to visit us and to attend my aunt and uncle's 50th wedding anniversery back in July.  Here is the trip in pictures!

On my mom's first day here we took a trip to McDonald's for lunch.
Little L with a yummy cheese burger!

Mommy and Little L (love how her lips pucker from saying "cheese"!)

Little L and Grandma S (same lip pucker!)
After lunch we took a trip to the library to return some stuff and pick up a bunch of books on cd for Little L to listen to on our trip up North.
Then Grandma S and Little L had some fun in the yard!
Watering our flowers

Picking a pear from the pear tree
No visit from my mom is complete without (many) shoping trips!  On one of our first ones we stopped at Target and they were in the middle of some awesome clearance sales.  We got a bunch of things but one of them was a potty doll for Little L (at that point in time she was interested in talking about the potty but didn't actually want to do anything on it but just a few days ago she went on her potty chair for the first time and has gone a couple more times since then!).  The doll is actually really cute and it came with its own toilet that flushes and all!  I think the cutest part about the doll is how she "brushes" her teeth!
Like I mentioned earlier, the timing for my mom's trip was based around my aunt (her sister) and uncle's 50th wedding anniversery up in northern MN.  It's about a 5 hour drive so we made sure to come prepared with audio books, a couple of dvds (although some were from the library and didn't work on our portable player)  :(, LOTS of books and LOTS of toys!
Little L surrounded by her "stuff"
The drive was uneventful for the most part but unfortunately I was running on very little sleep and Little L decided not to nap at all in the car (or at my aunt's house when we got there) so it was very frustrating. The party was very nice (although we missed most of the actual presentation since Little L wouldn't sit still).  After the presention we had a super yummy dinner in the church basement and then since it was so hot a lot of us went outside on the church grounds.  Little L started "picking flowers"off the graves and once we explained that she couldn't take the flowers off of the graves she just started collecting all of the silk flowers that had blown around and weren't actually from any place in particular.  So by the end of the night she had a pretty little collection of silk flowers from the graveyard!  :)
Grandma S, Little L and me at the church for the anniversery party

Little L and my cousins daughter Miss H

My cousin's twin girls (only a few months older than Little L) and Little L ...this was the best picture we could get of three 2 1/2 year old girls!

The cake

Little L LOVED all the golden balloons and spent a ton of time running around in circles with them getting all sweaty!  That's my aunt's wedding dress in the background!  So fun!

Here she is all hot and sweaty with the balloons!

We stayed at my Aunt J's house and she had a great tub of toys for Little L to play with!

Looking at the Fourth of July decorations at Aunt J's house...Little L was in awe!

Here it is...the fiber optics changed colors and looked like little fireworks!

Little L playing in Aunt J's backyard

Checking out my cousin's horses

Playing at my aunt and uncle's farm with my cousins twin daughters
Uncle T's fishing boat

And for the trip home we stoped at Burger King so Little L could get a crown!