Saturday, August 6, 2011

Beach Visit

So I am WAY behind in posting my stuff here but I figured I'd start catching up!

Here is a little trip we took down to a beach in Eden Prairie with our friend S and her niece and nephews.  We got there a little early and didn't realize the beach didn't officially open until later and there was actually a   lifeguard training that was occurng so there with about 15-20 teenagers.  We just had the kids stay to the side and they still had a ton of fun!  The temp was a little cooler than we expected as well but Little L didn't even seem to notice (although the bigger kids had to get warmed up every once in awhile)!

R had to warm up on his auntie's lap since it was a little chilly!

You can see all the lifeguards in the least we knew everyone would be safe!

Little L had a blast playing with G...he was running around with buckets of water and Little L kept copying him!  She talked about playing with him for days afterwards!

Little L LOVES playing in the sand...she was laying down and rolling around in it which meant she was COVERED in sand by the time we were done playing!

Lunch break!