Sunday, August 7, 2011

Mini RA Reunion

When I was in college I was an RA (resident assistant) for 2 years and got to work with some amazing ladies!  One of the girls had the same first name as me and our last names both started with a K which made things rather interesting for us (we actually had to be distingushed using our middle initial or by the "blonde one" or the "brunnette one" or sometimes I was even refered to as the "loud one"...go figure!)

I don't think we had seen each other since we graduated (8 years ago now...ACK!) but we reconnected on fb awhile back when we were both preggo with our first daughters (her daughter M ended up being born only a week or two after Little L).  She recently had baby #2 (the handsome Mr. C) and moved with her soon to be doctor hubby to Kansas City.  I was super excited to hear that they were going to be coming through MN on their marathon road trip and we made sure to catch up!

I know they had A LOT of stops on their very long trip but I am so excited and blessed that we were one of them!  We ended up meeting at (where else) the Children's Museum.  E brought along another friend of hers that was an RHD (Resident Hall Director) with her which was after I graduated from college so we hadn't met previously.  She brought her beautiful daughter along too so the three moms with their three girls had a blast!

We got there right when the muesum opened and I will for sure be doing that in the future.  There was hardly anyone there which is great when you've got little ones.  It's easier to let them run around in some of the more popular exhibits when there are fewer people (i.e. fewer of the bigger kids).  Plus, all of the accessories for Our World were where they were supposed to be which made it a little more fun and less chaotic.

Here are some pics!

Shopping at the grocery store

Little L loves to drive the bus! She actually did pretty well with waiting her turn too!

Face painting

Doesn't she look thrilled!  :)

That's my girlfriend E and her Miss M along with Little L

New friends are so fun!

Again...looking thrilled...can you tell she was loving the red for face painting?  You can see she added some color to my face and I will say that I totally forgot about it and didn't wipe it off (although I cleaned Little L's face before her nap).  Later that night we went to the mall and of course it wasn't until we got in the car to go home that I realized I still had the face paint on!  Classic!

Twe E's with their two little girls!

Sidewalk chalk

Painting with water

Miss M and E in the outdoors craft room

Taking a little quiet break to read books

TA and her lovely daughter the Beautiful B checking out the Water Works area

All the girls loved the bubbles!

Little L loves to put the bubbles on her hands and then wash them off!

Blowin bubbles!