Friday, June 25, 2010

A Long Day + A Long Night + A Long Morning = A Long Blog Post!

Yesterday was a fun (although slightly crazy) day!  My morning started off with an announcement at work for our division's rating for the year.  We all had a pretty good feeling that it had been a rocking year for us but didn't know how good until yesterday!  The best part is that we have some truly amazing leadership and they blessed us with a pretty A.MAZE.ING gift!  Fun! Fun!  So everyone out there reading this...keep up the good work with buying General Mills products and keeping me in a fabulous job!

After that wonderful announcement my day of traveling began!  I started off at building #1 then drove to building #2, then back to building #1, then on to building #3!  After I was done with my day of travel at work I went to pick my dad up from the airport!  WooHoo!  The only thing that sucked was that my traveling time just continued.  First there was an accident that had me sitting for over 15 minutes...then I finally got moving just in time to find fabulous construction with bad signage (this means that of course I took a wrong exit and added an extra 10 min onto my already excruciatingly long drive!)  I finally reached the airport to get my dad and then we headed back home in the heart of rush hour traffic.  Since I had just gotten gas yesterday morning I had reset my odometer and it turns out I drove over 75 miles yesterday!  Craziness!

When we got home Little L was excitedly waiting for her grandpa!  She warmed up right away even though it has been a long time since she saw him in person.  (Thankfully we have ichat which allows her to "see" him on a weekly basis)  I noticed though that she was starting to sound like the runny nose she had for a few days was turning into something after some fun with grandpa we gave her some baby tylenol and put her to bed.  And this begins our long night...unfortunately she only slept for about 1 hour before she woke up and was coughing so hard she actually threw up a little!  We got her out of bed and changed her and the sheets and then put her back down.  She seemed to be doing ok and I thought she was going to sleep through the night when she woke up again around 10:30 or 11 pm.  She was crying so hard that she was really struggling with breathing.  When I went in there she had worked herself up to the point that I knew she wouldn't go back to sleep very easily and even if she did she would probably be up again.  So I decided to just sleep with her in the full size bed in her room.  Which means I didn't really sleep that well but she at least slept through the night until 6am.

Onto the long morning...when Little L woke up she seemed in pretty good spirits even though she didn't sound the best.  We put her down for her morning nap with grand plans of everything we were going to do today.  Then she woke up about an hour later and she was crying and truly grasping for breath!  I was actually just about to jump in the shower before she woke up so I was still in my pjs so I had to throw some clothes on and quickly get ready to take her to the pediatrician's office.  Thankfully we had total favor there and we got in quickly.  Apparently she is fighting off croup right now!  Yuck!  It basically means that her airways in her throat are swelled up so we had to get a prescription for steroids to help with the swelling.  I had to wait for what felt like forever at Target to get the prescription filled.  So the long morning kind of melted into a long day too...

Little L is such a trooper though, and she is definitely fighting the yuckiness!  She just gets a little freaked out whenever she has a big coughing fit.  She is sleeping soundly right now and will sleep all the way through until 7 or 8 am tomorrow morning in Jesus Name!

My dad leaves tomorrow to go up to his lake cabin and the hubby will be filming one of his scenes for a movie he is in so Little L and I will get to hang out together.  We won't get to actually go to church to see Jessie Duplantis but we will be able to watch it streaming at home!  Yea for technology!

Now to cap off this day with what will hopefully be a LONG night of sleep!  :)


love2cook10 said...

Hopefully you got some rest!

Hey my blog got disabled. Can you follow me here now? I didn't know how else to let my readers know. Thanks!