Thursday, June 17, 2010

Things I Love Thursday - Flowers that grow on their own!

Ok, so I know I am REALLY late in posting this but I figured...better late than never right!?!?

Right now I am so loving my day lilies! I planted them last year and they are back this year!  I am so not a gardener.  I wish I was but I seem to have a black thumb...I know I have to water my plants but somehow I always manage to forget (or just put it off until whatever it is I planted that year is withered away to a crisp nothing).  Because of that tendency of mine I have decided to only put "hardy" plants in my yard (and by hardy I mean grows no matter what I do!)

Thankfully we have also been getting lots of early summer storms that have brought plenty of rain to keep my "hardy" plants looking good!  In fact we just had a crazy storm move though tonight.  It didn't bring a ton of rain but the sky afterwards was amazing!  Very greenish tint to it!  So I decided that with that fun color in the sky I wanted to snap a picture of one of my "hardy" day lilies!

This picture is straight out of my point and shoot camera!  Yes, I do have photoshop elements but I didn't do anything to this picture and I just LOVE the colors!  I am certainly not a great photographer by any means but I thought the lighting with the crazy sky was too fun to pass up.  I am sure if I had a better camera (or knew how to work mine better) this could have been even more beautiful or if I play around in photoshop I could make it look even more fun but I am too tired tonight!  

Posts about our trip to the zoo coming soon!  I promise!

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