Sunday, June 6, 2010

Weekly Update - It's Grillin' Time!

That's right!  We got a grill!  WooHoo!  For those of you that don't know, we have been grill-less for the entire 4 years of our marriage!  Hard to believe it but it was just one of those things we kept putting off buying.  We ended up getting one as an early Father's Day gift so the hubby got to do the picking out.  He decided he really wanted to start with a charcoal grill (for flavor and cost reasons).  We ended up finding a Char-Broiler grill at Fleet Farm and it was even on sale for $100!  The cool thing is that you can use it as a smoker too!  Should be fun trying to figure it out!  We have to prep it this afternoon (it has cast iron grates that we need to season) and then it will be burgers on the grill for dinner tonight if all goes well!  (I'll have pictures soon!)

Little L is starting to grow her vocabulary pretty fast now that she is understanding that words mean something!  She has most recently added "ball" and "bible" to her list!  It is amazing to me how much she knows and understands.  Lately, as we look through her picture books I've been asking her to point to different things (i.e. animals, body parts, food, etc.) and she almost always points to the right thing on the first try!  I can't even believe how fast she is learning and growing!  Seriously, this whole mommy thing is really fun!  :)

Here are some pictures from Memorial Day grillin' with the in-laws:
Nose to Nose with Sparky!Outside with Grandma CarolPlaying with Grandpa GaryGiving Felix some "love"

The hubby is getting closer to his instructor's class for Krav Maga so he has really been focusing on training and learning everything he can.  It is fun to watch him be so passionate!  On Saturday morning he was an extra for a music video that is for some up and coming performer (I haven't heard of him but Hubby says he preformed for them and was pretty good).  The video is for Kidney Research and is supposed to be on MTV and VH1 so we will see!  Next on his list of projects is a mob movie filming here in the Twin Cities.  This will be his biggest roll yet so he is really excited!  Some of the other movies he was in will be out sometime this summer so I will update you when we know more.

As for me, well, it was an easy week at work, which I love!  We had a team offsite for most of one of my days which basically means we ate some yummy food, chatted, drank LOTS of Diet Coke (or at least that's what some of us were drinking!), and played some lawn bowling.  I truly do work for a great company with some awesome managers!

That's all for now!  Don't forget to enter my giveaway!  :)

May your week be filled with unexpected blessings!


Kel said...

hahaha, your welcome. I will pave the way for you into the 30's. ARGH!!! :) It definitely feels different. I feel like I have jumped over a fence and I am looking back at all the 20 somethings dancing and eating while the sun sets. Then I look at the side I am on and people are cleaning up spit up and mingling around a punch bowl. :) hahahahahaha, what a sad way to look at it. hahahahaha. oh dear. Enjoy the last 6 months friend! Question: where in the WORLD is that tutu skirt from that your little girl is wearing in the photo shoot from your may 24th post? I LOVE it.