Sunday, June 20, 2010

Weekly Update - Happy Father's Day!

Sorry I missed posting last week!  Things have just been a little crazy around here!

So first off I have to say Happy Father's Day to all of you fabulous fathers out there!  Especially to my hubby!  What a great dad he is!

Things I love about his daddy-ness:

  • always telling Little L how much he loves her, how proud he is of her, how special she is, how she is his princess, etc., etc., etc.!  
  • willing to change diapers (even poppy cloth diapers!)  ;)
  • loves to hug and kiss his little princess whenever he can!
  • reads to her every night before bed!
  • prays with her and for her every day!
  • tells her about Jesus and how much He loves her!  (even more than daddy loves her!)
I could go on and on about the hubby and his daddy skills but I'll stop here!

To celebrate daddy, Little L and I put together a basket of goodies that he loves!  I also made a t-shirt especially for Little L.  I had seen this idea on an Etsy site and when I realized I had some iron on transfer sheets from some project years ago I decided to give it a shot myself!  So here is the shirt I made: 
I thought I did a pretty good job centering it on when I did it but on Little L it looks a little off center...oh well! 

And here is the best picture I could get of Little L in the shirt...she wasn't interested in getting her picture taken today at all!

We also decided to splurge on some steaks and grill those tonight for dinner.  (I know the hubby will have to "cook" on "his day" but at least he gets steak!)

Now on to the update... 
The last few weeks have been full to say the least!  Full of rain if nothing else!  I'm really glad we got all that rain though since it has really helped our yard.  Little L had gotten a little bit of "cabin fever" though so we took an outing to Como Zoo last Wednesday.  (And so did everyone else in the Twin Cities!  It was so packed...a post on that later!)  

One other fun thing Little L and I did was have lunch with my grandparents and my aunt and uncle!  They were on their way back to ND and decided to stay here for a few days to catch a Twins game in the new stadium.  We were so excited that our schedules worked out and we got to see them for a little bit.  Little L wasn't willing to show off her talking skills in public but she was a good girl and gave GG (great-grandma) and Great-Grandpa kisses!

The hubby is gearing up for his Krav Maga instructors training that will be happening in just a few weeks, but besides that he is also getting prepped for filming this coming Saturday!  He is going to be playing his largest roll yet so he is really excited!  I can't wait to see all of his different movies!  Some are coming out soon so I will update when I know more!

I've had some crazy work weeks since I have been flexing my schedule a lot recently to make it to some meetings.  Thankfully they have been fun ones!  I've been blessed with some really fun "end of the year" gifts at work (our fiscal year ends in June).  I do really love working at General Mills!  (Plus it was just rated as the best large, publicly held company to work for in the Twin Cities and it got second overall the categories!)

Our schedule won't be slowing down at all in the coming weeks and this one is no exception!  The hubby's aunt and step-grandpa are going to be in town this week so we will be doing some stuff with my mother-in-law's family.  Most of them haven't gotten to meet Little L so it should be fun!  Then my dad flies in and after a few days with us he will be headed up to the lake for 2 weeks.  We will join him next week for about 5 days.  I can't wait to see how Little L reacts to the lake!  I'm sure she will LOVE it!

To top it all of we are having our Upper Midwest Faith Explosion Week at church starting on Tuesday night.  Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, Crefflo A. Dollar, and Jesse Duplantis will all be preaching throughout the week along with some other great preachers for the youth!  Come and join us for one of the nights if you live in the area!

Again, Happy Father's Day!  And may your week be filled with "Happy Days"!


Kel said...

ugh! I know. when the kids are fun for ANYONE!!! I have been in the house for the last 2 days. I live in CO is GORGEOUS outside now and I am stuck sad. TODAY though, the kids are feeling a ton better. I think we may go for a walk to the park this morning, so...that will be nice. Thanks for the prayers...I think he is feeling better today! YIPEE!!