Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Full Day of Fun!

Two Fridays ago I had such a full day but it was so much fun!

It started out with a trip to the Children's Museum.  It was Little L and me along with my girlfriend C and her darling boy J!  I think this was Little L's 5th trip to the museum so she is starting to feel at home but C and J had never been before so it was fun to experience the newness with them!

We started off in the Habitot room which is strictly for kids under 48 months.  Usually that is the calmest place in the whole museum but there was at least one if not two, Head Start groups there so it was hoppin'!

Miss C with her Darling J...He loved whipping the rain stick around and around!

Darling J

Little L took a break from the chaos of the Habitot area to go read a few books! 

It was a pretty short lived break though!

After the Habitot room we moved on to the Japan and Nature exhibit.  It was a neat exhibit that showed different aspects of the seasons in Japan and focused on everything from food, school, and cultural celebrations.
Darling J and Little L pretending to eat sushi!

Little L making music on the drum!

Darling J's turn to beat on the drum!

Lunch was next and after that we went into Our World which is a little mini town with a grocery store, post office, restaurant, bus, and more!
Little L driving the bus!  One of the volunteers was so sweet and he got on the bus so the kids could drive him places!

Miss C with her Darling J!

Darling J and Little L both trying to drive at the same time!

Darling J shopping for groceries!

Little L checking people out!  "Do you have any coupons?"  :)

The last stop of the trip for us is always Water Works!  We have to go there last since Little L usually gets pretty wet but it is her favorite part of the museum!  When I told her we were going to the museum that morning she said "water, water, water!"  Darling J had a blast too!

Miss C and Darling J racing boats!

Look at that boat go!

Darling J and Little L playing with the bubbles!

Darling J would make a bubble and then jump up and down and say "I did it!"  It was too cute!

Amazingly, Little L didn't get that wet (at least not as wet as usual).  I'm not sure if she is just getting older or just more comfortable with the water area and not as frantic to splash.  Who knows!  She still had a blast!

After Water Works we packed up and headed home.  We carpooled there so it was fun to watch the kids interact in the back seat!  Darling J had some snacks that he was sharing with Little L and it was too sweet!  Since it was naptime, Miss C and Darling J went on there way and we headed home too!  

My girlfriend Miss N is the sweetest and she was waiting at my house for me with a HoHoMint Mocha from Caribou!  We let Little L run around a bit and calm down and then it was naptime for her and girl talk time for mommy and Miss N!  I had such a blast catching up with her and I'm looking forward to doing it again soon!

Like I said, it was a pretty full day but it was filled with fun, memories, and blessings!