Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Quick trip to the Children's Museum

My mom blessed us with a year's membership to the Minnesota Children's Museum (which has to be one of my most absolute favorite places to take Little L!)  She had gotten a GREAT deal on it on one of those deal sites but it was in her name so we needed to make a quick trip down there to get it all set up for us.  I thought the museum was open on Monday so we were all set to spend Monday morning there until I checked the site and apparently, during the school year they are closed on Mondays!  So instead we made a super quick (I'm talking less than an hour) trip on Tuesday morning so we could get the membership and my mom could see the museum.  Of course, we still got lots of pictures of Little L in that short time!  Here they are!

Little L loves looking out the big windows into busy downtown St. Paul!

Right now there is a special exhibit on the space station so this is a  replica of what the toilets look like!  :)

There is one room full of different dress up outfits and Little L went straight for all the different hats!
Construction Worker

Park Ranger
Airline Pilot

Fun with gears!  :)
And back to Little L's favorite place in the museum!  Water Works!

LOTS of bubble making stuff!
Little L was more interested in splashing than Mommy's mad bubble making skills!

She just needed to see if her head fit through the bubble didn't!

Grandma S and Little L
Back to the bubbles!  Too fun!