Thursday, November 11, 2010

What we did for Halloween

With Little L getting bigger, this year we were faced with the decision of what to do for Halloween.  I know there are lots of valid opinions out there and so I'm not trying to say one thing is right or wrong, we just wanted to find out what is right for our family.  The main thing I knew is that I wanted to keep anything that could be scary away from her sensitive eyes.  The last thing I want to do is put frightening thoughts into my daughters young and impressionable mind.

So with those thoughts in mind we originally decided we were only going to go to our church's Kid's Studio presentation of "Eddie's Shake Shop" on Friday night.  Kid's Studio is a live show that is made especially for families.  The hubby had actually filmed a video short awhile back that was going to be shown during Friday night's show so we decided to dress Little L up in her Bumble Bee costume and head over.  There were lots of cute costumes and excited kids!  We didn't stay for the whole show since Little L was more interested in running around than watching it but she did sit still long enough to see Daddy's video. (If you want to see the video you can click here and watch episode 802 and the Hubby's video is about 15 or 20 minutes into the show I think)

Here are the pictures from Friday night:

Running around church likes she owns the place!

Headed up to Kid's Studio

Here's one of the few shots where I actually got her face!  Again, she was running like crazy so they were mostly shots of her from behind!

Getting ready to watch the show (and sitting still for a few minutes!)

Totally captured by the show!  (at least for a second!)

Friday night was originally all we had planned until my girlfriend asked if we wanted to join them on Sunday night for dinner and trick or treating in their neighborhood.  They have a great new neighborhood with a good number of young kids so we thought we would join them.  We had a fun dinner and then took out the three little ones (Miss E (the dragon) is 3, Little L (the bumble bee) is 21 months and Mr E (the monkey) is 18 or 19 months).  We kept the 2 youngest in their strollers until the end of the night which was a very smart move on our part!  We let them out for the last two houses and they were off!  Little L loved getting stuff in her bag (she wouldn't even let Mommy hold it since it was "hers!")  She got some great candy (which Daddy and I graciously helped her eat!) along with some cute little playing cards and play-dough!  While I'm not sure if we will trick or treat in the future, we definitely had a great time and I don't regret it one bit!

Here are the pictures from Sunday:

Little L playing with Miss E

She loves their "rock garden"!

Getting ready to head out!

Candy collecting for the little ones!

We kept them constrained for a good reason!

Mommy and Little L at one of the last houses

Ready to go through their bags and look at their goodies...oh wait...Mr. E already went through his!  :)

We made the mistake of trying to get a family shot at the end of the night. ..this is the best we could get even with my girlfriend jumping around and screaming trying to get Little L to smile!  At least she made me laugh!  :)