Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Display for Little L's Art Work

Little L is getting to the age where she "creates masterpieces" on a daily basis and I wanted to be able to display them, at least for a while, to give them a sense of worth.  I had seen a couple of different ideas for "Look What I Made" displays and decided to try and make one myself.  Using some digital scrapbook paper and a fun font that I found online (for free of course!) I made a picture for each word (Look, What, I, Made).  Then I printed it on photo paper and laminated them.  After that I used a hot glue gun to attach a wooden clothes pin to the back of each word.  This is where it got tricky for me...I debated a lot of different ways to hang the clothes pins (attaching to a decretive wooden board, putting magnets on them and sticking them to a baking pan or something similar, etc.).  What I ended up doing is hanging up 2 3M hooks (actually made for hanging wreaths so they are green...think I will end up spray painting them at some point) and then I tied ribbon between the two hooks to hang the clothes pins on.  Like I said, I think I am going to spray paint the hooks and I'm not too happy with the ribbon I have up right now so I will probably change that some time too but all in all I think it turned out ok!  Now it hangs above Little L's table where she does a lot of crafts and hopefully it will inspire her!


JJ and EJ said...

TOTALLY copying this!!