Monday, June 13, 2011

Pinkalicious at the MOA

A couple of Tuesdays ago they had Pinkalicious at the MOA for Toddler Tuesdays.  The Hopkins Stages Theatre was doing a production of Pinkalicious and so they came out to preform a few songs.  I met up with a my girlfriend M and her daughter Miss E.  The girls had lots of fun coloring their princess crowns and watching the show.  The best part of the trip was the fact that the mall was so quiet!  There weren't that many people there for the Toddler Tuesday and even the rest of the mall seemed empty!  After the show was done we went over to Lego Land and walked around.  For most of our time walking through that store we were the only people there!  Total bliss!  :)

Miss E watching Pinkalicious

Little L watching Pinkalicious

M and Miss E coloring

Pinkalicious with Little L and Mommy


Checking out Woody

Sharing a stroller!