Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Outdoor Fun

Little L and I planted a flower garden a few weeks ago.  (I guess I should say I did most of the "planting" while trying to get Little L to not throw dirt and not pull on the flowers after we planted them!)  She is absolutely in awe of our flowers and loves to water them!  The morning after we planted them the first thing she did was run to the window to look at her flowers!

Here's what it looked like when we planted them (the middle is a daylily that I planted last year and now it is so big it is almost covering up the other flowers and has lots of buds although it hasn't bloomed yet). I was planing on putting in 2 more flowering perennials and some type of white annuals to fill in the triangle but since the daylily got so big I don't have too.  My goal is just to have lots of color and once the daylily starts to bloom I am sure it will be filled with color!

Here is one of the lilies I just planted.  The sad thing is that only a few days after I took this picture I went outside and all of the buds (including the one that was open) had been broken off.  I'm thinking it was the wind but whatever, it made me sad!

Little L got a new tricycle and it is actually really cool because it comes with a handle so it can function as a stroller as well (and even has brackets to go around smaller babies but Little L is too big for them now).  The shade is a great idea but doesn't really function that well since it tends to fly up in any amount of breeze.  All in all though, a great first trike for Little L!

Little L has been eyeing Daddy's skateboard all winter long!  She could see it in the garage when we went to get in the car and after seeing Jake skate on Jake and the Neverland Pirates she wanted to give it a go herself! We had to keep telling her to wait until the snow was gone and now that it is she really wants to ride it.