Friday, June 24, 2011

Toddler Tuesday - Dancercise

A few Tuesdays back we met up with a girlfriend of mine from Homemakers (K) and her 2 beautiful girls, Miss M (3 years old) and Baby J, for the Toddler Tuesday at MOA.  This time around they were doing Dancercise with a pajama theme.  So the little girls all went in there jammies!  Miss M and Little L actually had *almost* matching pjs but I didn't end up getting a good picture of it!  :(

The lady that was performing (I completely spaced her name) was a lot of fun and cute.  Miss M really got into it but Little L wasn't overly interested at all.  The two girls went and got their own carpet spots and when it started Miss M did all of the dance moves and sang along while Little L just sat there staring.  About half way through Little L decided she was done and started to cry.  I tried to get her to come over to me (we were sitting on the sidelines with strollers and Baby J) but she wouldn't move.  So I had to go over and grab her.  Once she got into her stroller she was happy as a clam!  Silly girl!

After the show was done we went and ate at Soul Daddy's which is the new restaurant from "The Next Great American Restaurant" show.  K was a fan of the show and wanted to stop by and even though I hadn't even watched an episode it was still fun to go!  The food was pretty good and you certainly got a lot of it!

We had lots of fun with the girls and I'm sure we'll hit up more Toddler Tuesdays soon!