Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Beautiful Fall Day at Como Zoo

A week ago Monday we woke up and kind of last minute, decided to take Little L on a trip to Como Zoo!  We know that the hubby's schedule will be changing soon so we want to take advantage of his time at home with us as much as we can!  

This trip to Como turned out to be such a blessing to our family!  The day started off a little chilly but by the time we got to the zoo it was sunny and warm!  Plus, there was hardly anyone at the zoo which made it easier to let Little L run around a bit and check things out "on her own".  On top of all that, the animals were out in full swing!  We were able to see so many running around and playing that are often sleeping or hiding out.  The gorillas were chasing each other and the big cats were up and about pacing back and forth.  The absolute best for the hubby was when he was looking in on the sleeping lions and the female lion woke up and looked him straight in the eye!  It was so exciting!  

Going to the zoo always reminds me of how awesome God's creation truly is!

Here are our pictures!

The gorillas...they ended up chasing each other around shortly after this!
An Ostrich...for all the times I've been to Como Zoo this summer this was the first time I had seen an ostrich!

Little L and the hubby watching the snow leopard pace

Can you just tell the hubby loves big cats!

Up close!

Its kind of hard to see but way in the back by the fence is a Tiger!

Up close with the mountain lion

Saying hi to the penguins!  We got to watch them swim through the water later!

Walking with Daddy!

Running around outside the zoo (notice its another picture of the back of her head...she's hard to keep up with!)