Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Visit with Aunt A and Uncle L

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, we went up to the hubby's parents a few weekends ago to visit with them and my hubby's sister and her husband.  After we spent sometime hanging outside (see the "beautiful" pictures I took here) we went into escape the chilly night air and the mosquitos!  It had been awhile since Little L had seen her aunt and uncle so it was nice that they got some quality time together and  Little L had no problem playing with them!

Here are the pictures!

Showing Auntie A one of her FAVORITE books to look at!

Trying to put on Auntie's shoes!

Little L LOVES doggies but she was a little nervous when they really wanted to play with her!

She was just in awe of all the tricks the doggies could do!

Auntie A having the doggies roll over, shake hands, etc.

Little L with Auntie A

Little L just climbed right into Uncle L's lap!  (I don't think he was expecting that but he took it like a pro!)

Little L with Grandma 

Little L with Auntie A

She was ok with petting the doggies when Uncle L was holding them still!

Auntie A, Uncle L and Little L!