Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Good Day

A week ago Saturday I had a good day!  It had it's ups and downs but all in all it was really good!

We started off with a mini girls trip!  Little L and I had a date for the newest Veggie Tales movie release at LifeWay Christian Book Store.  (Side note...our Northwestern Bookstores just turned into LifeWays and while there were definitely things I loved about Northwestern I am thinking there might be some better deals to be had now that they are LifeWays!)

To celebrate the release of VeggieTales latest "It's a Meaningful Life", LarryBoy and Hermie the Caterpillar were on hand to greet us at the door!  I wasn't quite sure how Little L would react to the sight of a HUGE Larry but she was so excited!  She gave them both high fives and was more than happy to get her picture taken with them!  Once we went inside she saw them through the window and just sat and stared for a few more minutes.  Inside the store they had some snacks and crafts.  Little L picked a cookie with M&M's and then preceded to try and just eat the M&Ms!  Then Little L I made a little foam picture frame with the sticky foam shapes and after that we just roamed through the store and took a few minutes to watch some scenes from the movie.

Not the best picture since we are staring into the sun but still fun!

Little L spots Veggies!

Watching the new Veggies!  So exciting!

After our trip to LifeWay, I wanted to stop at some garage sales.  While I love a good garage sale, I have been to only a few this summer and since fall is upon us the garage sale season will soon be over!  :(  I had a map with 4 or 5 garage sales mapped out (thanks to craigslist and google!)  We started off and stopped at each sale one by one.  And one by one each sale was a bust!  There just wasn't much good stuff out there (at least not anything that we actually "needed").  With only 1 sale left on the list I drove past a sale that I hadn't found online.  I figured, what the heck, and stopped to see if they had anything of interest. It was a pretty big, multi-family sale with LOTS of stuff and the best part is they had everything 50% off the marked price!  That definitely caught my attention so I started to shop.  Thankfully one of the woman that was running the sale was a nice grandma that was willing to watch Little L while she played with the toys so I could do some focused rummaging.  She was so sweet and at the end she even let Little L take a Winnie the Pooh bear home with her.  (I wasn't planning on buying it since Little L has PLENTY of stuffed animals but she had gotten super attached to it and was carrying it all over the sale so it was really nice of the woman to let her take it!)

When I was driving home I definitely had one of those moments of just KNOWING that Jesus had worked out my entire trip just so I would drive past that one sale!  He knew it would be a blessing to us and it is just so amazing to remember that He even cares about us getting great deals!

Now, I am sure you are all out there on the edge of your seat just wondering what fabulous finds I found and what great deals I got!  Well, I only spent $8 and got 2 pairs of pjs for Little L (one was a 3T but I couldn't pass it up because it was Gap footed pjs in leopard print!  Too cute!), a pair of 2T jeans, an Old Navy 2T long sleeve shirt, 2 books for Little L, a Fisher Price Piggy Bank (not on the recall list of course!), and the best deal of all...a ladybug container filled with building blocks!  (Not to mention the Winnie the Pooh Little L walked away with for being such a charmer!)  It is so cool to think that had I gone there the day before it would have all cost $16!  Timing is everything as "they" say!

Pics of some of my finds:

Here's the Fisher Price piggy bank...Little L usually fights with Mr. E over one of these when we go visit my girlfriend at her place so I figured she would like to have her own!

Here's the Lady Bug hamper closed up

It's full of building blocks!  And it was only $2.50 since it was half off!  Thank God for His favor!

Here's the Pooh Little L was given by the lady at the sale.  You can see that her Veggie Tales sticker found a new home! 

To top off the day we went to church and it was such a great message on fasting since our church is encouraging a fast during the month of October!  (More on that and what we are fasting in a future post) Little L insisted on bringing Pooh with her so he was the topic of conversation with all of the greeters when she walked by!  All in all it was a very good day!


Jennifer @ The Toy Box Years said...

What great stuff you found!! I LOVE garage sales too and have been pretty lucky this season! I'm just sad they'll be ending soon too!