Friday, October 8, 2010

A Little Crafty - Hair Bow Holder

Recently I may have been bit by the crafty bug...I have really had the itch to "make" stuff (as long as it isn't too complicated of course!)  After Little L had gotten some super cute bows from Princess Couture Designs I really wanted a way to display them!  It's no fun having super cute bows that just sit in a drawer! While I was doing some browsing on etsy, I saw some super cute bow holders and I thought "Hey, that's something even I can do!"  So I picked up a few things at Michael's and used some stuff I had on hand and away I went!  (probably only spent $3 for each bow holder!) And here's where I ended up:

(Please excuse the bad quality of the pictures...I didn't want to take them down and the lighting wasn't very good in Little L's room!)


Close Up


Close Up (It's hard to tell but the L is made out of 2 colors of felt with a running stitch around the edge)

Hanging on her closet door

This is what the butterfly looked like when I bought it

After the paint but before the glitter (oh, and I decided I didn't really like the brown so I painted over it with white!)
I was going to do some more "in process" pictures but that just didn't happen!  I basically just painted the wood pieces, added glitter to the butterfly and the felt letter L to the flower for more decoration.  Then I used a hot glue gun to add the ribbons to hang the bows on and another piece of ribbon to hang the whole thing up.  It was really simple and fun to make and now Little L has a place to display her pretty bows!  (The crafty bug is making me want to make more bows for her but I just haven't done it yet so for now there are mostly store bought bows on the butterfly but that will hopefully change soon!)


JJ and EJ said...

Oh my! You have been bit by the crafty bug! Love, love, love them! You go Momma!!