Friday, October 15, 2010


Little L is getting to such a fun stage where she has actually started to pretend!  There are lots of different things she pretends to, drink, act like a puppy, and ride a horse along with some other things.

Just the other night I was able to get a quick video of her pretending to be asleep!  If you listen you can hear snoring and that is actually coming from Little L!  It's too funny!  Then she "woke up" but as soon as she saw the camera it was all over.  ("mine" she says...thinking the camera should be hers!)



JJ and EJ said...

Oh my word. Seriously... I think I say this EVERY time you post a picture or cute story. COULD SHE GET ANY CUTER?! She reminds me a lot of M! They are so close in age - I love it. First of all, M has started to pretend as well - and then she will sometimes give me this sideways glance like, "What?! I'm being a puppy... what are you looking at?!" : ) Second of all, as soon as the camera is out she is all over it too!

LOVE the video! What a cutie, sweet girl!